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Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas - The editor and big chief of The Dubrovnik Times. Born in the UK he has been living and working in Dubrovnik since 1998, yes he is one of the rare “old hands.” A unique insight into both British and Croatian life and culture, Mark is often known as just “Englez” or Englishman. He is a traveller, a current affairs freak and a huge AFC Wimbledon fan.


Stand up, stand up...mega-popular comedian Jimmy Carr is to perform in Croatia. One of the UK's most outspoken stand-up comedians is set to perform a one-off show in Zagreb on the 17th of September. The English comedian will play a show in the Vatroslav Lisinski hall in the centre of the Croatian capital as part of his “Funny Business” tour.


This isnt the first time that Carr has played a stand-up comedy show in Croatia; he played in Zagreb last year. Carr is also the star of many TV shows in the UK, such as 8 out of 10 cats and The Big Fat Quiz of the Year.



Tickets for this event are already on sale and start from 120 Kuna. 

The taxi drivers of Dubrovnik have once again covered themselves in “glory” with another scandal. According to reports in the Dubrovnik media a taxi driver in Dubrovnik defrauded a French tourist by charging him 300 Kunas for a 3 kilometre drive, and to make matters worse the tourist was blind! The 37-year-old blind tourist from France wanted to travel from the Old City of Dubrovnik to Lapad, the taxi driver explained that the price would be higher as it was “night rate.”


A short trip from the entrance of the Old City on the Pile Gate to the suburb of Lapad cost this French tourist 300 Kuna, or around 40 Euros, for a 3 kilometre journey, or 100 Kuna a kilometre. “He told us this was normal as it was the night-price,” explained the blind tourist to a local media outlet. 

The summer season is on the doorstep and we will all be soon enjoying the crystal, clear Adriatic Sea. And to make sure that the sea is pristine around the island of Lokrum members of the Dubrovnik Diving Club have been busy.


Although heavy rain fell all day yesterday the divers were busy in the Porat bay on the island of Lokrum cleaning the sea bed of all rubbish that had collected over the winter months. The cleaning action was arranged on the Day of Planet Earth, celebrated yesterday the 23rd of April.

Check out our photo gallery of the action on Lokrum taken by members of the Dubrovnik Diving Club. 






This year could well be one of the best ever for the Croatian tourism industry. The start to 2016, the off-season, has begun very well and according to statistics from the Croatian Statistics Bureau there was almost a twenty percent increase in the number of tourists arriving in Croatia in February.

With the height of the season, the summer period, on the doorstep tourism experts are predicting an excellent year for the tourism business, an industry that accounts for just over 18 percent of Croatia’s GDP.

In February the number of tourists arriving in Croatia increased by 18.4 percent compared to the same month from 2015. The number of overnight stays also increased in February, this time by 16.1 percent. In total there were 428,225 tourists in Croatia in February, of which almost 60 percent were foreign guests.

When broken down by nationality the figures show that “neighbouring” countries brought the largest number of tourists, 20 percent from Slovenia, 10 percent from Austria, 10 percent from Italy, 9 percent from Germany, 6 percent from Bosnia and Herzegovina and over 5 percent from South Korea.

The figures in Dubrovnik were also excellent with the massive training program from the German car giant Mercedes brining in over 15,000 guests.

The conceptual design system of introducing an e-moped was presented this week in the city council. The green project could mean that Dubrovnik will become the first city in Croatia that has electric scooters. Prof. Josko Deur from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture University of Zagreb presented the preliminary findings of the study whose completion is expected in mid-June. The project is in the phase of choosing the most appropriate choice of electric scooters on the market, the optimal solution for recharging stations as well as the design for “sharing” the scooters around the city.

The Dubrovnik Development Agency has secured funds for the study from the fund for environmental protection and energy efficiency. The idea is that the public transport company, Libertas, will control the operational organisation of the electric scooters. With the possible introduction of 100 “e-scooters” Dubrovnik will be the first city in Croatia to have these environmentally friendly transport systems. However this transport system isn’t unusual in other major European cities, whilst London has a share a bicycle system for a few years.

The full implementation of the project is expected after the market research has been carried out, and this is hoped to be completed by the late summer. A prototype model will be produced as well as the realisation of the system of sharing the scooters. So far three different models have been tested; all these models have zero emissions and use solar cells on canopies to recharge.
The future of Dubrovnik could well be green.

Another event for oyster lovers in Dubrovnik! This Saturday, the 23rd of April, an oyster and wine event will be held in the centre of the Old City of Dubrovnik, on the Stradun. Following the success of previous events the Dubrovnik Tourist Board has organised a festival of oysters and wine.

Oysters will be sold at the promotional price of only 5 Kuna and a glass of local red wine or white wine will be on sale at 10 Kuna. The musical entertainment will be provided by the vocal group Ragusa.

Construction work has begun on the new animal shelter above Dubrovnik on Zarkovica. The earthworks on the new dog shelter have already been carried out and yesterday the first concrete work was started. In February the site preparation began and the whole process is planned to last for 120 days.

The first phase of the construction work, which is being funded by the City of Dubrovnik, will cost 1.8 million Kunas and according to a statement from the city the shelter for abandoned animals should start operating in the summer.

dog shelter 2

The latest promotional film from the Dubrovnik Tourist Board is picking up awards from all over the world. After winning the silver award at the prestigious ITB Tourism fair in Berlin the film has now been awarded a bronze medal at the New York Film and Television Festival.

With more than fifty countries competing for the awards the new promotional film “Dubrovnik and Time,” picked up the bronze medal. In fact the stunning new film was the only entry from Croatia, and the award was collected by the director of the Croatia National Tourist Board in the USA, Ina Rodin.

“Dubrovnik and Times,” was recorded in 2015 and produced by the Zagreb based production house “Balducci movie.” The New York jury was made up of 200 media representatives from 30 different countries.

“This year’s awards presented strong competition and we’re thrilled to be recognized for showcasing the richness that Dubrovnik and our country has to offer to guests. We love every opportunity to tell the story that Croatia is an unspoiled, beautiful part of the European Mediterranean region with a multitude of cultural, history and natural beauty,” commented the director of the Dubrovnik Tourism Board Romana Vlasic.

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