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Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas - The editor and big chief of The Dubrovnik Times. Born in the UK he has been living and working in Dubrovnik since 1998, yes he is one of the rare “old hands.” A unique insight into both British and Croatian life and culture, Mark is often known as just “Englez” or Englishman. He is a traveller, a current affairs freak and a huge AFC Wimbledon fan.


With graduate schemes, and jobs seeing a seasonal peak in autumn, was interested in finding out which European country has the highest graduate employment rate. To do so, they collated official data for 31 countries from Eurostat and, revealing the best country to work in for graduates! 

Top 10 European Countries with the Highest Graduate Employment Rate


Rank Country Percentage of recent graduate employment (%)
1 Netherlands 93.1
2 Germany 91.3
3 Norway 91.0
4 Malta 89.0
5 Austria 87.7
6 Switzerland 87.4
7 Sweden 87.2
8 United Kingdom 86.7
9 Ireland 86.2
10 Hungary 85.5 can reveal that the Netherlands currently has the highest graduate employment rate in Europe - at 93.1%. This is a 3.8% increase from 2020 where they positioned fourth among all European countries reviewed. As Europe's logistic hub, the Netherlands offers plenty of graduate job opportunities in sectors such as manufacturing, logistics, and agriculture. Home to many widely known international companies, it is also an attractive place for international students who are seeking jobs in Europe.

Ranking second is Germany with an employment rate of 91.3% for recent graduates. The figure increased by 1.7% and showed a positive post-COVID employment recovery in the country. Known for being the biggest automotive market in Europe, it is not surprising to see that the most popular industries for graduates' jobs include vehicle manufacturing, along with machinery, and electronics.

Norway came third with a 91.0% recent employment rate for graduates, 1.3% higher than the previous year. A recent survey also showed that the unemployment rate among recent master’s degree graduates dropped to the lowest since 2013. Industries such as healthcare, energy, tourism, and IT are all popular among graduates. 

Bottom 7 European Countries 

Rank Country Percentage of recent graduate employment (%)
1 Italy 57.9
2 Greece 60.1
3 Serbia 65.1
4 Romania 70.1
5 Spain 72.8
6 Bulgaria 73.8
7 Croatia 74.6

At the other end is Italy with graduate employment at 57.9%, the lowest among all European countries reviewed. Despite a big improvement (5.2%) in the graduate employment rate from the previous year, Greece ranked as the second worst country for graduates. Battling economic issues, Serbia and Romania follow with 65.1% and 70.1%, respectively. With a graduate employment rate of 72.8%, Spain is the fifth worst country for graduate jobs. 

Top 5 European Countries with the Biggest Graduate Employment Rate Increase

Rank Country Percentage of recent graduate employment (%) % of Increase*(from the previous year)
1 Ireland 86.2 6.7
2 Lithuania 79.9 5.4
3 Greece 60.1 5.2
4 Netherlands 93.1 3.8
5 Hungary 85.5 3.3


Ireland is the country with the highest increase (6.7%) in graduate employment rates across Europe. Their employment rate for graduates jumped from below 80% to over 86%, the biggest increase among all countries reviewed. 

Receiving second and third are Lithuania at 5.4% and Greece at 5.2%. The Netherlands has seen the fourth highest increase in Europe while Hungary is fifth with 3.3%. 

In the past week, 36 new cases of Covid-19 infection were recorded in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County.

These were 15 people from Dubrovnik, ten from Metković, six from Konavle, two from Vela Luka and Župa Dubrovnik, and one from Opuzen.

70 people recovered: 36 from Dubrovnik, 12 from Metković, 11 from Konavle, five from Župa Dubrovnik, three from Ploče, two from Kula Norinska and one from Dubrovačko Primorje.

In the past week, 315 samples were processed, and since the beginning of the pandemic, a total of 267,312 samples have been analyzed.

Two people positive for coronavirus are currently hospitalized in the Dubrovnik General Hospital.

According to the received applications and de-registrations of tourists through the eVisitor system, there were about 2,200 tourists in Dubrovnik last weekend, which is 60 percent more than at this time last year, and five percent more than in the same period of 2019.

In addition to locals, the most numerous guests were from Germany, Korea, the United States of America, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Russia.

Since the beginning of the year, one million and 12 thousand arrivals and three million and 502 thousand overnight stays have been recorded, which is 85 percent more than in the same period last year, and 81 percent of tourist traffic achieved by the third weekend in November 2019.


As the big event officially kicked off yesterday, “World Cup 2022” has achieved over 460K Instagram hashtags and 5.7 billion TikTok views so far. It’s evident that football fanatics are pouring their excitement on social media to celebrate the world’s biggest sporting party.

But which World Cup teams and players have the most supportive fans online?

Inspired, conducted a sentiment analysis on over 10,000 tweets over an 8-day period in the lead-up to the World Cup and uncovered this year’s most loved teams and players.

The World Cup players with the most supportive fans

Rank Player Team Number of positive tweets % of positive tweets Online support score /10
1 Nathan Aké Netherlands 91 92.86% 9.20
2 Kylian Mbappé France 37 94.87% 8.75
3 Lionel Messi Argentina 201 86.64% 8.50
4 Neymar Brazil 208 84.55% 8.45
5 Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal 188 83.93% 8.15
6 Garang Kuol Australia 31 88.57% 8.00
7= Iliman Ndiaye Senegal 24 92.31% 7.95
7= Mario Götze Germany 24 92.31% 7.95
9= Sardar Azmoun Iran 20 95.24% 7.80
9= Luka Modrić Croatia 25 89.29% 7.80


Luka Modrić among top ten most loved World Cup players on social media

Receiving an impressive 89.29% of positive tweets, Croatian midfielder, Luka Modrić, ranks joint ninth scoring an online support score of 7.80/10.

Dutch defender crowned fan favourite player ahead of World Cup

Beating a slew of famous names, Dutch defender, Nathan Aké is the most loved on Twitter (9.20/10) with a staggering 92.86% of supportive tweets. French top scorer, Kylian Mbappé takes close second with his number of positive tweets (37)being 59% fewer than Nathan in first.

Close friends Messi (8.50/10) and Neymar (8.45/10) place third and fourth respectively with a slim difference in their final scores. Despite controversies, Ronaldo sits in fifth place (8.15/10) with the striker’s dedicated fanbase bagging him 188 positive tweets.

The World Cup teams with the most supportive fans

Rank Team Number of positive tweets % of positive tweets Online support score /10
1 Argentina 1,458 85.82% 9.09
2 France 681 84.91% 7.88
3 Portugal 686 83.35% 7.73
4 Brazil 1,418 82.25% 7.58
5 Netherlands 404 85.23% 6.97
6= Germany 654 81.95% 6.67
6= Spain 442 83.24% 6.67
6= Cameroon 229 87.07% 6.67
9 Japan 198 87.22% 6.37
10= Qatar 8,221 76.47% 6.22
10= Belgium 320 84.21% 6.22


The Argentina national team is the most loved on Twitter, earning an online support score of 9.09/10. Not only have over 5,000 devoted fans flocked to Qatar ahead of the team’s opening match, its huge fanbase has also contributed to a whopping 85.82% of positive tweets and 1,458 supportive tweets.

Following in second is the France national team achieving an online support score of 7.88/10. The reigning champions have gained an impressive 84.91% of positive tweets online -681 since 7th November.

Pipping Brazil by a mere 0.15, Portugal’s squad (7.73/10) headed by social media superstar, Ronaldo, claims third place, securing 83.35% of positive tweets. The five-time World Cup winner, Brazil, comes fourth racking up an online support score of 7.58/10.

Rounding off the top five is the Netherlands national team, scoring a respectable 6.97/10. Receiving 85.23% of positive tweets, fans remain hopeful that the three-time runners-up claim their first title in Qatar this year.


Before diving into the broker's features in this BitCash-Market Review, let’s find out about different trading styles. Trading and investing are two distinct ways to make money in the financial markets. Investors and traders both want to profit from market activity. Investors generally use purchasing and holding to get higher returns over a longer time frame. Contrarily, traders benefit from rising and falling markets to join and leave positions more quickly, resulting in smaller, more frequent profits.


Investing is the process of purchasing and keeping a portfolio of stocks, baskets of cryptos, mutual funds, bonds, and other investment instruments to accumulate wealth over an extended time steadily. Holding investments for years or even decades allows investors to benefit from interest, dividends, and stock splits. Markets will constantly fluctuate, but traders will "ride out" the downturns in the anticipation that prices will eventually increase and their losses will be made up.


Typically, market fundamentals like price-to-earnings ratios and management predictions are of more significance to investors. Buying and selling stocks, commodities, currency pairings, and other instruments are more regular transactions involved in trading. The objective is to deliver returns that outperform buy-and-hold investments. Investors could be happy with 10% to 15% annually, whereas traders would aim for a 10% return each month.


Buying at a lower price and selling at a higher price within a reasonably short period of time results in trading gains. On the BitCash Market platform, you may trade and make investments at the same time using one platform. The major benefit of this firm is that you don't need to look for multiple platforms to complete both operations. 

BitCash Market Overview


The business has been in operation since 2008. They have become one of the top trading platforms on the market thanks to an established initial investment portfolio and a steady profit pool. They also hold the top positions in the market for investing in cryptocurrencies. Their goal is to reduce risks to maximize long-term returns on each investment. Investors may rely on BitCash Market for trustworthy, open, and sincere partnerships.

They are always coming up with new services and enhancing the ones they currently provide. For them, trust is always a priority. Effective and consistent cooperation with authorities has always been a top concern for the organization. Their staff constantly endeavours to maintain compliance as industry standards and regulatory requirements continue to change.




  • Their Objective

In this BitCash Market Review, it is critical to note that the company's objective is to beat rapidly assist its clients in running, growing, and achieving more by staying well-informed of technological advancements affecting retailers, banks, and capital markets.


  • What They See

Significantly, an individual's or a team's achievements align with the corporate objectives. The work they perform and the individuals they help motivate them to keep growing. Because of this, they are passionate about producing the best results for their clients.


Reasons to Use BitCash Market


In this BitCash Market Review, let's take a closer look at the factors that should influence your decision.

  • Exchange

BitCash Market provides order books with top-tier liquidity in addition to Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Litecoin, Ripple, NEO, and other digital assets.

  • Margin Funding

Leveraged traders might increase their yield by paying off liquidity providers. On the order book, different rates of funding are exchanged.

  • Customizable Interface

Make your workplace functional by altering the layout, selecting a theme, and configuring notifications.

  • Margin Trading

The peer-to-peer financing market operated by BitCash Market offers traders leverage of up to 5x. 

  • Order Types

Traders can make orders on BitCash Market for several circumstances. You may find out more about the most cutting-edge algorithmic order kinds on their website.


Information and Conditions for Registration

It is significant to note in this BitCash Market review that you will be required to supply certain identifying information as part of the registration procedure. You must safeguard your password and login information to use the BitCash Market platform. Any harm brought on by your acts or inactions that lead to the erroneous or unlawful use of your account is your responsibility. 

To register for BitCash Market, you must supply true and comprehensive information about yourself. You must also avoid impersonating someone else or otherwise concealing your identity. Additionally, the client guarantees that the financial data they have been provided to BitCash Market is true. By doing so, you are qualified to bind any commercial company you register as to this Agreement. BitCash Market carefully handles the information you provide them in line with their privacy policy.


Account Types of BitCash Market


Affordable prices for high-quality products and outstanding service is their goal. In this BitCash Market Review, let's look at the company's account kinds. 


1. Green Account

 This account type has a starting range of £10,001 to £50,000. 

  • ICO Access
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2. Silver Account

This account type has a starting range of £50,000 - £100,000.

  • ICO Access
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3. Gold Account

This account type has a starting range of £100,000 - £250,000.

  • ICO Access
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5. 1 Million Club

This account type has a starting range of £1,000,000.

  • ICO Access
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  • Bitcoin Bundles

Customer Services of BitCash Market


In this BitCash Market Review, let's now check the customer support provided by the brokerage. The company's headquarters are in Switzerland, and it also has offices in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Belgium, Norway, and Cyprus, among other nations. Two ways to get in touch with the business are by phone and email. You may call the company's customer support team at any moment to fix your problem since they are there to assist you around the clock. 

When a customer files an issue, the relevant BitCash Market department investigates it and takes the required steps. They seem committed to providing their customers with a wonderful experience. Their website states that they provide top-notch customer assistance because they want to make sure that every trader using their platform has an opportunity to succeed. Their personnel will be ready to help you, whether it's a small or huge size. The majority of BitCash Market Reviews you'll discover online praise them for this.


Disadvantages of BitCash Market

Now that you've read our BitCash Market Review and learned about the company's advantages, let's examine its shortcomings.

  • More educational materials are needed.

Both novice and experienced traders may benefit from the teaching tools they offer, but they could add more and update them more regularly.

  • No Demo Account

Due to BitCash Market's lack of a demo account option, novice traders might feel reluctant to make a cash deposit before fully comprehending it. It will be stress-free to trade on fictitious money demo accounts, enticing trial users to use the trading platform.

  • Only English

Only the English language is supported by this broker, which might be problematic for consumers from other countries. The availability of languages other than English may restrict user access in some countries.


Ending Remarks

The fact that the business has a very good reputation in the sector is one of the main factors contributing to its success in attracting many customers. BitCash Market is a well-known brokerage with a substantial online presence. The company has a proven track record and a wealth of experience. They have a very user-friendly design and a wide variety of content. All customers receive individualized instruction, and customer service is excellent. The unique thing about the platform is Copy Trading, BTC Investing, and Crypto ATM facilities.


Disclaimer: This article is not intended to be a recommendation. The author is not responsible for any resulting actions of the company during your trading experience.

We did it! We really did it! It seems surreal. We have just finished the longest signed coastal path in the world! In 63 days we walked 630 miles, or around 1,050 km. In reality we walked much more than that. Nothing about the South West Coast Path was direct, nothing at all. It was up and down, left and right, the easiest path wasn’t the path that we took. We went up and down over 30,000 steps. My knees can still feel the effects of going down, yes it is much harder to go down than up.

The final stages were supposed to be easy, at least that is what the guide book said. But the guide book was wrong, they were anything but easy. Long, rolling hills that seemed to go on forever and to make matters worse we had gale force winds that pinned us on our backsides.

It was without doubt the strongest wind that I have felt in my life. And it didn’t help that we were on the top of a cliff. It got so bad that we were at one point both lying on our stomachs and hanging onto a fence so that we didn’t get blown off the cliff.

It didn’t help that I told my wife a fact that I shouldn’t have the night before. Sometimes my curiosity gets the better of me.

The path had been extremely dangerous in places, and for some under describable reason I Googled “how many people died on South West Coast Path.” Stupid I know. And just to compound my mistake I told my wife the results. In 2018 a total of 26 people died in the South West on the coast. I tried to dig myself out of the hole by explaining to my wife that not all these people died walking the path, but that didn’t work. As we lay pressed to the grass with the wind blasting over us my wife mouthed “26” at me and gave me a look that could kill. We crawled on our hands and knees for about a hundred metres until we found a dip that we could hide from the wind in. So we didn’t only walk the path, we also crawled it!

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The long and windy road - Photo Mark Thomas 

When we got nearer the end we started to look back at what we had achieved. Probably a good idea that we didn’t do this at the beginning otherwise we might never have started.

I had remembered that walking the path was the same as scaling Mount Everest for times, and my knees had remembered that one as well. But these ones I didn’t know when we started.

We crossed 230 bridges, caught 13 ferries, opened and closed 880 gates, passed 4,000 coastal path signs, climbed over 436 stiles, passed through 2 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and made roughly 1.25 million steps (yes, my ankles are still feeling that.)

314503185 130904663082715 2220566206799024050 n


And the last World Heritage Site made we think and to make some comparisons with Dubrovnik, comparing one UNESCO site to another. We were walking over a hillside (for a change!) and came down into a particularly beautiful village.

“This place must be packed with visitors in the summer,” I said to my wife. “How do you know that,” she replied. “Two things give it away. Firstly, this place is pretty small and yet has a visitor’s centre, and secondly look at the size of that parking,” I answered. The car park looked bigger than any in Dubrovnik, it covered a whole side of the hill. So I spoke to some locals and did some research at the very swanky visitor’s centre. I knew the village was small, the current population was only 713!

And how many tourists came to this tiny spot in 2019, half a million! So they had more spaces in their car park than they had inhabitants. It would like Dubrovnik having a parking for 42,000 cars.

They had similar problems. The vast majority of tourists, 30 percent of the 500,000, came in July and August. Finding a workforce, especially out of the main season, was challenging. And without tourism the economy would collapse. We are not alone. The problems are universal.

315308683 131677639672084 2035777877205082500 n

We did it! Reaching the end of the South West Coast Path - Photo Mark Thomas 

We passed that lovely village (Google Lulworth Cove) and moved closer to the finish. The end got emotional, but I knew it would. I made a point of wearing my father’s T-Shirt for the last stage. One of the main reasons I had walked the path was for my father, and to raise money for a charity in his name. I cried on the last stage, of course I did. Tears of joy and sadness.

There is nothing I would have loved more than my father seeing me finish this incredible journey. But somewhere deep down I know that he saw me and was proud of me. For two months my wife and I have spent 24 hours a day with each other, and I have loved each moment of it. There of course have been ups and downs, it would have been unnatural if everything had been smooth, but by the end of it we were already planning our next trip.

Now, it is back to life and back to reality. One of the many comments (thank you for all of them) that really stuck in my mind read “Nothing will ever be the same for you two.” It’s true. Everything is different.


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The new Pelješac Bridge has certainly made the journey from the north of Croatia to the far south much easier and smoother, without the need to cross borders, but it has also sent some navigations into a spin.

Clearly some GPS navigation systems are in need of an update as it appears that this car is driving on the Adriatic Sea. It appears this car has turned into a boat. This navigation system certainly needs an update, and the confused voice of “drive to a highlighted area” was even more strained as the navigation tried to work out how the car was floating.

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There were 1.37 million passengers in Croatian airports in September, which is 50.5 percent more than in the same month last year, but also 8.2 percent less than in September 2019.

In total, 8.24 million passengers were registered at Croatian airports in the first nine months of this year, or 121 percent more than in 2021, and 15.1 percent less than in pre-pandemic 2019.

The highest passenger traffic in September this year was achieved by Split airport, with 442 thousand passengers. And Split is followed by Dubrovnik, with 335 thousand passengers, an impressive increase of 61.9 percent compared to September 2021.

And in third place is Zagreb Airport, with 323 thousand passengers, an increase of 70.8 percent compared to September 2021.


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