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Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas - The editor and big chief of The Dubrovnik Times. Born in the UK he has been living and working in Dubrovnik since 1998, yes he is one of the rare “old hands.” A unique insight into both British and Croatian life and culture, Mark is often known as just “Englez” or Englishman. He is a traveller, a current affairs freak and a huge AFC Wimbledon fan.


The revenues of the Port of Dubrovnik in the first nine months of this year amounted to HRK 29.6 million Kuna, which is 29 percent more when compared to the same period from last year.

Expenses amounted to 17.7 million Kuna, which means that the profit of the port amounted to 11.9 million Kuna. The results of the port’s operations since the beginning of the year were praised by the President of the Management Board of the Port of Dubrovnik, Željko Raguž, at a press conference.

“Last year was a record year and this year we have generated 29 percent more revenue than last year. Some will say it's easy to generate revenue due to the cruisers that arrive. Of the four major port revenues; mooring and disembarking, garbage, storage and parking, only one is directly related to the arrival of cruisers - mooring and disembarking. Everything else is an effort of both the management and employees to reach these results,” said Raguz.



The number of cruisers was roughly the same as last year, and in 2019 the port recorded a 20 percent increase in waste removal revenue, which amounted to 1.2 million Kuna more than last year.

Jubilee awards and thank-you notes were also given to long-time employees of the company. For 30 years of work in Luka, plaques were awarded to the employees: Senad Dilberovic, Danijel Bulat; for 35 years Margarita Pecotic, Pero Djamarija, lawyers of the port Zoran Zec, Ramiz Hebib, Saban Stovrag, Edin Hebib, and for 40 years of work the following letters of thanks were received: Mare Svalina, president of the Workers' Council Senad Skaljic, Mujo Muratagic, president of the Emir Hadžimahovic union.

The never-ending summer in Dubrovnik is continuing in fine style as November is almost on the doorstep and yet temperatures are still very much like August. Yesterday in some parts of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County temperatures reached a mercury-busting 29 degrees! And Dubrovnik bathed in temperatures around 26 degrees with thousands of tourists taking advantage of the Indian Summer and topping up their tans or diving in the Adriatic Sea.

Even though we are into the last week of October the sea temperature in Dubrovnik measured an incredible 23 degrees yesterday, in fact the sea temperature in Dubrovnik was considerably warmer than most European capital air temperatures. It is the ideal time to visit Dubrovnik. “We are just loving this autumn sunshine,” explained an English couple from York today in Cavtat. “We certainly didn’t expect it to be just so warm, it’s like a summer’s day where we come from,” they added as they prepared to take a swim.

indian summer pours sunshine on dubrovnik 2019

The warmer spell is predicted to continue all the way through to the weekend with temperatures until the end of the week expected to be in the mid-twenties. But weather forecasters have stated that by Tuesday of next week there will be a sharp drop in temperatures, by as much as ten degrees as winter starts to take a grip.

But for now the thousands of tourists who plumped on Dubrovnik as a late autumn destination are absolutely getting their money’s worth of weather and will go back home with a bronze suntan.

beache in dubrovnik in october 2019 t

Temperatures tomorrow are predicted to reach 25 degrees and it will be another glorious day of blue skies and sunshine. Even the overnight temperatures are warm, with 16 degrees predicted tonight. However, these Indian Summer temperatures have also led to an outbreak of mosquitoes in the city, rarely seen at the end of October.

The design of the new Croatia football kit has been leaked and it shows a “crazy” new look. The football website Footy Headlines today released a leaked photo of the new look kit with the headline “Crazy Nike Croatia Euro 2020 Home Kit Design Leaked.”

The Nike made and created shirts will be worn by Croatia EURO 2020 and the 2020/2021 season. Of course the shirt features the iconic checkerboard red and white squares but Nike have got a little more creative and added a cool detail. The 2020 Croatia home kit come with even more red and white squares and is set to be released for general sale in March 2020.

After Croatia finished second in the Russia World Cup the Croatian football shirt has become one of the top sellers and most popular international football kits in the world as Croatia became everyone’s favourite second national team.

The popular Channel 4 travel show, Travel man, starring Richard Ayoade has featured Dubrovnik in the latest episode.

“Richard Ayoade does Dubrovnik with comedian Stephen Merchant, including a Game of Thrones tour, a buggy safari, and a ferry to the cursed island of Lokrum,” comments Travel man on their official YouTube channel.


Ivan Vukovic shows the Game of Thrones sights - Screenshot 

Ivan Vukovic, a leading Dubrovnik tour guide, took the celebrity Brits on a Game of Thrones tour of the ancient Old City of Dubrovnik and he showed them some of the most iconic Game of Thrones locations, such as the steps used for the Walk of Shame.

Check out the teaser video of the Travel man show that aired on Channel 4 on the 21st of October.

According to the results of Virtuoso, the prestigious American Association of Luxury Travel Agencies, Croatia is ranked among the top 5 destinations in three categories in 2020!

In the category of most popular emerging and fast growing destinations, Croatia took first place, leaving Antarctica, Iceland, Japan and Portugal behind, while in the category of top destinations for millennials, Croatia ranked third behind Greece and Bali, and ahead of Iceland and Cambodia. Croatia is ranked fifth in the Best Global Destination category, with Italy, Greece, France and Japan ahead.



These are the results published in the annual Virtuoso Luxe Report survey, which predicts top travel trends in 2020 based on current bookings, including multi-generational travel, authenticity, active and adventure travel, family travel and celebratory travel.

lakes croatia national park amazing

"Croatian tourism in the distant markets segment receives the most tourist traffic from the USA. This report, which comes from a prestigious association like Virtuoso, further confirms the excellent position our country enjoys in the extremely important US market and confirms that Croatia is one of the leading destinations for guests with a refined taste," said Croatian Tourist Board Director Kristjan Stanicic, emphasizing that so far, almost 627,000 arrivals and over 1.7 million overnights have been generated from the US market so far, representing a 12 percent year-over-year increase.

The Virtuoso Luxe Report is an annual report based on a survey conducted by world travel agencies and their advisers who are members of Virtuoso. Virtuoso is a network of top US luxury travel agencies with more than 20,000 advisors worldwide and an annual turnover of more than $ 26.4 billion. The Virtuoso network includes more than 1,800 partners, including top-class hotels and resorts, tour operators, airlines, agencies, and the main goal of the network is to offer clients in-depth and unforgettable trips.

The average net salary in Croatia in August amounted to 6,438 Kuna or around 866 Euros, which is two percent more than a year earlier, the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) announced on Monday.

Compared to July, the average paid net earnings for August were 0.6 percent higher in real terms. The highest average monthly net earning per person in paid employment in legal entities in August was paid in the air transport industry, in the amount of 12,108 Kuna, and the lowest was paid in the manufacture of clothing, 4,250 Kuna.

The average monthly gross earning for August amounted to 8,775 Kuna, which is 0.7 percent more than in the previous month. On an annual level, however, the average gross wage was in real terms 2.3 percent higher.

CBS data show that the average monthly net earning per hour for August was 36.65 Kuna and the gross amount was 49.95 Kuna.


Summer is seemingly finding it hard to leave the picturesque seaside town of Cavtat this year. Blue skies, warm sunshine and still plenty of tourists discovering that they have chosen the perfect time of the year to catch some autumn sunshine in the Adriatic.

And visitors look like having a week of sunshine as weather forecasters are predicting that the Indian Summer in the wider Dubrovnik region will last for at least another six days.

Check out our weekend gallery of Cavtat at the end of October












On the last day of this year's edition of the Good Food Festival, the always popular Dubrovnik Table was held. Stretching almost the entire length of the main street, the Stradun, through the Old City of Dubrovnik, this gastronomic event also has a humanitarian nature. And this year a record amount of 78,655 Kuna was raised. All the proceeds are earmarked for the Association for the Protection of the Rights of Psychiatric Patients and the Advancement of Mental Health and Quality of Life at Lukjernica and the Society for Multiple Sclerosis in the Dubrovnik - Neretva County.

dubrovnik table 2019 1

With a performance from the vocal group Klapa Ragusa, the opening ceremony was announced by Mayor Mato Franković, and the delicacies and wines disappeared in record time to the delight and satisfaction of numerous visitors and caterers.

In addition to the City of Dubrovnik and the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, the organizers of the Dubrovnik Table were the Dubrovnik - Neretva County, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce - Dubrovnik County Chamber, the Chamber of Crafts of the Dubrovnik Neretva County, the Catering Guild and the Dubrovnik Tourist Hospitality and Catering School.

dubrovnik table 2019 34

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