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Guide to Traveling to Croatia for College Students

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Jun 10, 2020

Croatia is for those who dream of exploring Europe and is affordable for students. What are the key tips for a great trip to this country?

Top Expert Advice for Students Traveling to Croatia

Even though college students are too busy with studies and assignments workload, they still dream of visiting other countries on holidays, summer vacations, or even during the weekend. While you can delegate your papers writing to such services as, there is more time to plan your next trip, and we will gladly help you to choose the route. How about starting with Croatia?

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Top recommendations on traveling Croatia

Not all young people can afford to travel either due to the lack of time or money. Many of them struggle with college assignments wondering, «Can I have someone do my assignment?» (usually, you can find great agencies in essay review service to cope with this). However, once you have some time, some budget-friendly countries are at your service, and one of them is Croatia. Here English is widely spoken, so you will have no difficulties in communicating with locals. It offers travelers wonderful landscapes, one thousand beaches, great architecture, lovely islands, tasty food, and national parks.

Once you get a Croatian visa (valid for three months), you can visit such places as:

1. Dubrovnik

Number one tourist attraction in Croatia, this place is also one of the most crowded and expensive but totally worth visiting. Get in the Old Town, take a boat to reach Lokrum Island and sunbathe at rocky Lapad Beach;

2. Zadar

This place can be proud of the best sunsets near the ocean. You should see the Sun Salutation and display of color illumination on the ground. Besides, the Sea Organ should not be missed;

3. Zagreb

The capital of Croatia, this city can offer you plenty of bars, coffee shops, the world`s famous museums, and other attractions. We don`t understand why this city is so underrated: one Museum of Broken Relationships is worth seeing, not mentioning the atmosphere and beauty of the architecture.

We don`t recommend visiting Croatia in summer as you will not stand the sun and crowds of people, choose April to June period or go in autumn. When it comes to accommodation, you can find the room for $15 a night. Transport is quite affordable so you can expect to pay $20 to travel between cities. Food is very cheap: you can have a large meal for just $10 with free bread and olive oil.