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Five reasons to visit South Beach after COVID-19 pandemic Five reasons to visit South Beach after COVID-19 pandemic

Five reasons to visit South Beach after COVID-19 pandemic

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times May 20, 2020

After months in isolation, there is no better boost to your immune system then endless Florida sun, giant sandy beaches, and Latin American fusion cuisine. Visiting Miami is a feast for all senses, and SoBe neighborhood is a party hub.

The American Riviera hosts some of the most iconic and world-known beaches with white tropical sand and warm water. Busy American metropolitan city is swarming behind your back. Miami has a high fun factor and so much more to offer than sun and sea, although it is an excellent start. Here are five reasons you should visit South Beach right now.

The beach, warm water, and the sun

Miami never sleeps. Some visitors go to sleep at 5 am after a long and exciting night out, while first joggers/walkers hit the beach for morning exercise. Head southwards on the warm, soft sand on the beach walk and enjoy the sunrise over Miami's downtown skyline. If you are not morning person, grab your sunscreen, beach gear, and join thousands of happy people on the beach later. Turquoise water, big waves, warm sea, and plenty of activities like kiteboarding can keep you entertained the whole day. Beach is an excellent place to meet beautiful women and men.

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Warm sea and big waves - Photo Pixabay 

Luxury hotels and Art Deco architecture

South Beach has more than 800 well-preserved Art-Deco style buildings. These are located mostly in the Collins and Ocean Drive area. Miami is among the best places to explore this style from the first half of the last century. Many hotels in the South Beach nurture Art Deco style. The beachfront is home to some of the best hotels in the U.S. Designer rooms, pools, world-class chefs, and premium experience are featuring that lure millions of people into the SoBo every year.


SoFi neighborhood is a nightlife hub for Miami. Clubs like Liv and Story attract most famous D.J.s, have state of the art sound and light show. Dress up and break the tough velvet rope. The Story has a more underground vibe, and it is enormous. The Basement is another trendy club with a dance area inspired by Studio 54. If you are not a club, South of Fifth Street has cocktail bars like Mini Bar and Sophies.


Miami is a blend of cultures and influences. North America meets Latin, and it is noticeable in its fusion cuisine. Largest Cuban community outside of Cuba, flavors from Ecuador and other parts of South and Central America. Stone crabs with Chilled hash brown potatoes and coleslaw, arepas, Cuban sandwiches, Key lime pie, and chicharron are street food you must try. If you are more into fancy restaurants, Island Gardens, Art Basel, Prime 112, or Seaspice might be place for you.


Miami enjoys warm weather throughout the year. Summer brings high temperatures and plenty of rain. From November to May is the dry season that hosts Spring break and more than one Superbowl. Palm trees, soft white sand, and the southern sun is an invitation to heal your soul.

How to get in the U.S. and Miami

If we look at the U.S. Coronavirus Cases by States, the New York and New Jersey areas were hit the hardest. Outside the northeast part of the country, California, Texas, and Florida had a substantial number of cases. With pandemic going into the decline, and with the opening of major European countries, hopefully, this trend will soon become a reality in the United States.

The standard procedure for visitors outside of the country is to acquire ESTA Visa USA documents. Currently, applications are not allowed due to the restrictions in travel caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Electronic System for Travel Authorization is automated, and through ESTA, authorities determine whether visitors are eligible to travel to the U.S. In the ESTA process, tourists or other visitors must full out biographic information and answer the questions under the Visa Waiver Program.

Foreign travelers should apply as soon as they plan their trip, and before buying a plane ticket. The whole process is streamlined and not overly complicated. For now, everything is on hold, but with the weakening of the virus, things might change.

Bottom line

The bustling city will bombard you with authentic food, dance rhythm of Salsa, Art Deco architecture, perfect climate all year round, and the beaches. A mixture of cultures, vibrant nightlife, and plenty of pedestrian shopping streets in South Beach will make your visit enjoyable.


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