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But after the pandemic, how will the travel and tourism sector bounce back? But after the pandemic, how will the travel and tourism sector bounce back? Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Experience slow tourism in the most scenic Croatian islands after the Pandemic

Written by  May 14, 2020

Tourism after the Pandemic

As new cases of COVID 19 are being discovered in more countries around the globe, many industries have taken a hit, but the major impact can be seen and felt in the travel and tourism industry. According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), a loss of $29.3 billion is expected by airlines due to the coronavirus outbreak. This loss is not only limited to airline companies, but hotels, car rental firms, and even cruise lines have been affected. Ports have refused ships to dock, travelers have canceled their cruise holidays, and almost all cruise companies in the world have suspended operations.

But after the pandemic, how will the travel and tourism sector bounce back? Will travelers feel comfortable taking airplanes, staying in hotels, or taking cruise ships? Most people will still have traveling plans, but they will continue practicing social distancing as well as avoiding crowds. This means they will resort to slow tourism.

Slow tourism

Slow tourism refers to traveling that allows travelers to get the most out of a destination by taking a holiday at a leisurely pace. It is all about taking the time to get to the destination and taking the time to explore that destination. Slow tourism pays attention to the quality of travel and life by eliminating fast means of traveling and trips offered in bulk. Slow tourism includes small groups of people.

It’s about making a connection. Slow tourism rejects the idea of visiting as many places as possible in a short period. It lets you enjoy a destination, feel the atmosphere, and get to interact with the locals.


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Why and how to enjoy slow tourism

There are so many advantages of taking your time to see the world. First, it is so relaxing as you do not have a checklist of must-see attractions, running from one place to another. You can have unplanned adventures and take in everything that’s in front of you slowly. All you have to do is breathe, slow down, and let the experiences happen.

Slow travel is also peaceful as you move at a gentle pace with no planes or fast cars. For slow traveling, take a bike, simply walk or rent a sailboat with Zizoo. Taking a boat with a few of your friends or family members is one of the best slow travel options as it lets you fully experience the journey, gives you more opportunities to connect with nature and people on the boat. Boats are also far better for the environment, as they emit shallow volumes of carbon.

Destinations for slow tourism

If looking for a more profound travel experience with stronger emotional involvement and relaxation, head to Croatia, for a breathtaking sailing vacation. Croatia is an ideal destination for slow tourism because of its natural beauties such as spectacular islands, great beaches, and tranquil waters. The main Islands that fascinate with pure and unspoiled nature are Hvar, Brac and Pag.

Hvar Island treats its guests a picturesque landscape made up of rolling hills, colorful flowers, olive groves, lush vineyards, and fresh air since it is located far away from polluted civilization. Hvar also offers nature lovers with remote harbors and wonderful beaches including Dubovica Beach. This sand white beach features turquoise blue water while there enjoy some scuba diving, snorkeling, and more water sports at Aqualis Diving Center.

Other Croatia’s beautiful places can be found on Brac Island. It is easily reachable by a private boat. Once there, take your time to explore the whole Brac island, from the lovely Zlatni Rat beach to historic towns and villages, like Pucisca or Milna, and the rolling hills, pine, and fig woodlands.


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