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GUEST POST - 5 Places in Dubrovnik To See to On A Student Budget

Written by  Michael Gorman Mar 27, 2020

Dubrovnik is one of the most popular cities in Croatia, especially because there were filmed some scenes of Game of Thrones. Even though most people choose to visit Dubrovnik during summer months, you can visit it during winter months too. You will be able to visit some of the most iconic places in Dubrovnik without crowds, hot weather, and photobombs.

Also, the prices are quite high during summer, so winter seems to be one of the best moments to visit Dubrovnik on a student budget. Temperatures are warm enough for walks during winter months and the beaches and most popular places are empty of tourists.

But what places can you visit in Dubrovnik on a student budget? Because the city has become more and more popular, the prices have skyrocketed in the last years and trips to Croatia are more and more expensive. However, there are some hidden gems and places you can and should visit while in Dubrovnik.

The Old City

The Old City in Dubrovnik is home to wonderful medieval buildings you can admire for free. The streets of Old City are full of souvenir shops, restaurants, cafes and bars and you have plenty of eating and drinking options. Even though the restaurants and bars in the center of Old City are pretty expensive, you can find some on adjacent lanes that are more budget-friendly.

The Old City is one of the locations where famous scenes of Game of Thrones were filmed, so you will be able to find the “shame steps”. Also, you will find wonderful buildings and main attractions you cannot miss such as the Clock Tower, Onofrio’s Fountain or Rector’s Palace. Visit the Old City and enjoy the atmosphere without following the map. Just walk and admire the beauties of Dubrovnik.


Mount Srð

According to paper writers from a paper service, most tourists want to visit the walls of Dubrovnik. And you cannot blame them. When you are at the top, the view is spectacular. However, this is among the priciest activities you can do in Dubrovnik. So, if you are visiting Dubrovnik on a student budget, maybe you can choose another point from where you can see the entire city. And one can argue that the views are more beautiful from Mount Srð.

There is a cable car that helps you get to the peak, but it almost has the same price as the walls of Dubrovnik. If you feel strong and fit, you can hike to the peak of the mountain on some zig-zagged trails. Depending on the season you visit the city, you should consider a few details. During winter temperatures are more supportable, so hiking should not be a problem.

But during summer, the weather is really hot and you need to protect yourself from sun rays. The first part of the trail is nice and not so difficult, especially because there are lots of trees that shade. But the second one is more challenging and without any tree, so during hot temperatures hiking will be more difficult.

When you reach the top, you will be impressed by spectacular views over the city and the sea and you will definitely think that it was worth it. You can also pay for a one-way cable car ticket if you do not want to hike to the top, and then walk back down.


Red History Museum

If you want to discover the red history of Croatia, then you should definitely visit the Red History Museum. If you are roaming through the narrow streets of Old Town, you can go to the museum, as it is just outside the Old Town.

Even though at some point the history of Croatia has been forgotten, this museum promised to bring back to light troubling times. Croatia was once a socialist country and this is the perfect moment to delve deeper into its history. The best thing is that they offer student discounts, so what better time to visit than now?

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The City Harbor

The City Harbor is impressive and it is a great place to visit in Dubrovnik. The blue color of water goes perfectly with the red roofs of the near houses. During summer months it can get very crowded, so the best time to visit is early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

The city harbor is the starting point of many island tours and you can choose a short and wonderful tour near the coast for only 10 euros.

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Sveti Jakov Beach

If you want to enjoy the peaceful sound of the waves, you need to go away from those crowded and noisy beaches. Sveti Jakov Beach is a great choice, even if you have to walk about 20-25 minutes from the Banje beach.

This beach is small and cozy and it is a hidden gem few tourists know about. And you can also see the Old Town from the beach, so what could be more beautiful than enjoying your time on this little and cozy beach?



Croatia is a wonderful country with a lot of cities and natural parks you need to visit, and Dubrovnik is one of them. The city gained more popularity after Game of Thrones was filmed there and this means that prices have skyrocketed.

It might seem a challenge to visit it on a budget, but there are a few iconic places you can see. Enjoy the narrow streets of the Old Town and delve into Croatia’s red history with a visit to the Red History Museum. Climb Mount Srð and enjoy the spectacular view over the city. Find beaches that are hidden gems and visit the city harbor.

Author Bio: Michael Gorman is a highly skilled freelance essay writer and proofreader from the UK who currently works at australian assignment help. He loves traveling and meeting new cultures and people. He shares his traveling tips and tricks to help people discover the hidden beauty of many destinations.


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