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Croatia Travel Advice from The Locals

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Mar 23, 2020

Croatia is increasingly becoming a popular tourist destination in Europe. This country contains 1244 islands with gorgeous beaches, world-class vineyards, and wild forests. The beauty of Croatian architecture and turquoise seas is breathtaking.

Even if you are not really fond of beaches, fairytale-like stone castles and stunning waterfalls are there to entice tourists of all kinds. Croatia is undoubtedly the land of a thousand islands and offers something to amuse everyone.

There is much more in Croatia that adds to its appeal, including seafood, truffles, buzzing café culture, spectacular Roman ruins, historic walled cities, and unspoiled national parks.

Don’t be Short of Cash

Almost all accommodations and some restaurants accept cash only in Croatia. The local currency in Croatia is Kuna. All bus transport and taxis and some ferries accept payments in Kuna. However, car rental agencies, big hotels, and ferry companies accept credit cards. ATM’s can be easily found at every ferry terminal, airport, bus station and in every town of Croatia. However, some big shops and businesses do accept euros, but it’s better to have your money exchanged in Kuna when you travel in Croatia. Go to this site to book your first and business class flight to Croatia.

Summer Can be Crowded

The holiday season in Croatia is usually summer, so expect to see a huge crowd in summer, especially on the port. Hoping islands in Croatia is not that easy in the holidays. Locals of Croatia advise going on the port at least one hour earlier to take the ferry. Beware of the crowds in summer and book your ferry in advance. Reaching on the port earlier means you would not have to face any inconvenience getting on the board when it’s crowded. Locals say that you should be prepared for long haul traveling when hopping islands on holiday. Be patient as it may get difficult and take a long time to get from one place to another.

Health Tips

Tap water in Croatia is clean and reliable, so you don’t have to carry bottled water everywhere. Get the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) before you start your journey in Croatia. This card will allow you to get medical care from the public healthcare of Croatia at a lower rate and sometimes for free. Summers in Croatia can get seriously hot, so make sure you load up the gear before you head out. Make sure to stay hydrated and wear a hat. Furthermore, avoid touching dogs and other mammals in Croatia as they can infect you with rabies.

pebble beach somehwere in croatia 2020

Lovely Croatian beaches - Photo Pixabay 

 Visit the Laid-Back Island

If you want to get off the crowd of mainland, you should visit some of the country’s most beautiful islands like Mljet, Brac, Vis, and Hvar. Korcula is a laid-back island that has the old-time charm. The historic buildings in Korcula are similar to the walled cities of the mainland, and the best part is that this island is not crowded. You can view a good chunk of this island on a bicycle. Exploring this Croatian gem on a bicycle is really fun. You can rent a bike there from 100 Kn. Just pack a picnic lunch and a map before you head out, and you will discover beautiful unspoiled beaches and small villages along the way. Lumbarda is a small town in Korcula island having hills filled with vineyards. Stop along your way there and enjoy the beautiful view of crystal clear water in this town.

Be Safe Eating While Traveling in Croatia

The food you will eat in Croatia is generally hygienic. You will not found too many street foods in Croatia, so don’t worry about stale food. However, you should practice safe eating and avoid eating at a restaurant that looks run-down. Avoid eating undercooked fish or meat. Wines and beers in Croatia are of high quality, and beer drinkers should try Tuborg, Karlovacko, Ozujsko Pivo, Karlovacko Pivo that are brewed under license. Try Croatia’s famous brandy Sljivovica that’s made from plums or an herbal brandy called Travavica. Rozata is a famous dessert of Dubrovnik, so you shouldn’t miss it if you have a sweet tooth. Shellfish, line and net fish are a part of famous Croatian seafood. You can enjoy the best and freshly caught Adriatic fish on the Adriatic coast.


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