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Top Reasons Why You Should Cruise Croatia

Written by  Mar 10, 2020

This small Mediterranean gem in the heart of the Adriatic Sea is rapidly growing as one of the most popular small cruise holidays for travellers all around the world. Croatia has been often associated with the famous city Dubrovnik as a tourist hot spot, but over the years people have discovered that its unrivalled natural beauty and other historical cities such as Split, Zadar, Šibenik and Pula turn Croatia in a perfect holiday package.

Croatia offers you its stunning beaches, unique gastronomy, and picturesque nature all in one place. We guarantee that you will find a numerous breath-taking location in our portfolio when planning your Croatia Cruise.

Read on to know more about the Croatia cruises and why this will be your dream vacation:


Croatia is very well connected by land and sea, as the country puts a great emphasis on tourism. Booking an already made itinerary from our offer will remove a lot of logistical hassle that comes with travelling and planning. Stunning islands and picturesque cities that you will visit along the Croatian Coastline are few hours apart at most, meaning that you will never be bored during your cruise. All our starting ports have great airline and road connections with Croatia’s capital city Zagreb and international airports.

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Discover the wonderous Croatian costline - Photo My Croatia Cruise 


Croatia is well known for its rich coastline with over 1,200 islands and islets covering this Adriatic jewel. Our itineraries are carefully designed so you can explore stunning major cities and hidden gems in between which would be otherwise overlooked by many visitors. Cruising is the perfect way to discover all secrets that Croatia has to offer.


Learn about the rich history of this beautiful country which has been influenced by many major civilizations over the centuries such as Venetians, Austrians and Romans. Croatia has one of the best kept historical buildings and secrets in the world with many UNESCO Heritage Sites along the coastline. This is certainly one of the best destinations for history buffs and it is now wonder why worldwide television phenomenon “Game of Thrones” used it as one of the centrepiece’s during the production of the series.

my croatia cruise dubrovnik beach 2020

Explore the Old City of Dubrovnik - Photo My Croatian Cruise 

Value for Money

One of the best reasons to book a cruise holiday is that is very cost effective. Most of the usual expenses that you encounter on other types of vacations such as food, transport and several accommodation when visiting different cities is eliminated when booking yourself a floating hotel that takes you around locations. When taking a cruise with us everything is already sorted in advance and for further details you can always contact our local agents who are ready to arrange everything for you beforehand!


Mediterranean cuisine is known as one of the healthiest in the world and Croatian is one of the best variations of that! Everything is made from fresh local ingredients, freshly cooked vegetables, homemade cheeses, and seafood. You will have a unique gastronomical experience that you will never be able to forget. Don’t forget to spice the food with amazing local fine wine from the Peljesac Peninsula.

my croatia cruise on adriatic near dubrovnik old city 2020

Make this summer one to remember - Photo My Croatia Cruise 



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