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Life of a Traveler: 6 Life-saving Travel Hacks You Must Know For Traveling without Breaking the Bank Life of a Traveler: 6 Life-saving Travel Hacks You Must Know For Traveling without Breaking the Bank Pixabay

Life of a Traveler: 6 Life-saving Travel Hacks You Must Know For Traveling without Breaking the Bank

Written by  Henry Taylor Oct 25, 2019

People all around the world want to travel; however, budgeting always tends to come in the way. We often let money come in the way of our dreams. While you may think you need a significant amount of money to enjoy yourself, that isn’t true. Fun and enjoyment aren’t associated with money; they’re associated with what you do with the time that you have and who you spend it with. You can have fun on a limited budget only if you know how to spend your money on the things that matter. We often get wind up in the projection of the perfect vacation that we see in Hollywood movies, massages, resorts, five-star dining and first-class tickets. Know that these aren’t the things that you need to enjoy yourself during a vacation, granted that would be good to have. Vacations can be low-key and still be fun, trust me i’ve had the time of my life on very tight budgets.

Budgeting is important in today’s day and age, while we would like to splurge every now and then, we need to be smart. Even on vacation, one needs to be responsible money wise. Otherwise, you’ll be cursing yourself as soon as you get back to your daily routine. Here mentioned below are six ways you can have an amazing trip without going over your budget.

1. Book cheaper flights

The first thing that you need to do is to look for a cheaper flight. While Hollywood movies may have you believe that buying first-class tickets is the only way your trip will get off to a good start, it isn’t true. Buying last-minute cheap economy tickets is a great way to get started on your trip and make sure that you don’t break the bank. There are many apps to get this done all you have to do is put in the location, and you’ll get a comparative list of flight rates and services. Who knows you might even get a sweet deal on a first-class seat if you’re ready to wait for it.

Book cheaper flights

2. Don’t buy airline internet

Another way to save money is to take your entertainment essentials with you. Download all the movies, books, and music you want before you board the plane. This way you’ll have something to keep you busy the whole way, and you won’t have to pay for the internet. While some of us love to document everything on social media try to hold back on posting everything on you Instagram till you get somewhere with free or complimentary internet. While it may sound insignificant, some flights have high rates for onboard internet.

Dont buy airline internet

3. Pack your own snacks

While you’re on vacation, a great way to say money is to pack your own snacks. This will help save you money as you won’t have to spend your money on water bottles and crisps along the way. Packing some snacks is something I started a few years back, and I was amazed by the difference that it left me with more money to spend on things I really wanted to try out.

Pack your own snacks

We often don’t realize how much we spend on snacks and water bottles while we’re travelling. I recommend you start carrying your own bottles and have some trail mix for along the way. Not only is it financially responsible, but it’s also good for the environment.

4. Don’t use roaming services

Don’t spend money on roaming services, not only is it extremely expensive it is useless too. You can get free internet at any local café whenever to pop by for a coffee or a snack. That is when you should check in with your friends and family and also update your social media. The internet isn’t as important as we have made it to be, who knows you might find it refreshing to take some time off from your virtual life.

Dont use roaming services

5. Don’t invest in expensive tour guides

While we often think that we need guides to have a wholesome experience at any place, that isn’t true. You should go for much cheaper options. One thing you can do is visit a bar, make a friend and ask them to join you for a tour. That will surely give you a wholesome experience. You can have a one on one interaction with the locals and listen to history through their lens.

Dont invest in expensive tour guides

Tour guides are often very expensive, and if you try to settle for a cheaper package, you can never guarantee that the tour guide will be a professional. While travelling, you should try to take up the essence of the place and make memories worth remembering.

6. Take electronic accessories with you

Last but not least, another thing that can help you save some money is to pack your electronic accessories such as chargers, rechargeable batteries, cameras and lenses that you might need. Click here to know about the best cameras and camera lenses which will surely make your trip better. While travelling, you might not always have access to electric ports to charge your devices, which means that keeping your power bank is an ultimate necessity.

Take electronic accessories with you

While you might want to take a break from your electronics, they have become an essential part of our life. Taking a break altogether might not be a great idea since you have people who might be worrying about you. Try to stay in touch but limit your electronic usage, allocate limited time to electronic devices.

If you’ve gone through the above-mentioned tips and tricks to stay within your budget, you know have a way to make your dream come true. Travelling is an essential way to groom you and see yourself grow as a person. However, breaking your bank for the sake of personal grooming isn’t a smart idea. You can have the best time, make memories, and stay within the budget if you work smart. These tips have helped me travel to more places than I would have otherwise; I hope they help you too.

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