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The Pelješac Peninsula – a green finger stretching out into the Adriatic

Written by  Jul 21, 2019

All that is best about the Mediterranean and about the Croatian coastline is highlighted on the Pelješac peninsular. Stunning coastlines, inviting seas, vineyards, historic settlements, tradition and culture, all of these can be found of this green peninsular. If you added all the beauty and culture of Dalmatia and put it in one place then that place would be called Pelješac.

Located just an hour’s drive from Dubrovnik, this long, narrow, corrugated peninsula is encircled by deep sea channels and the glittering islands of Korčula, Hvar and Mljet. The hinterland of the peninsular is just as enchanting as its coast with wild sheep and boar, jackals, fox and rabbits. Driving through the peninsular and this is a firm recommendation, every corner brings a new panorama, a new experience, from rolling green hills to steep rocky cliffs, this is a place of contrasts. And every corner will eventually bring you to a vineyard; if you could design the perfect location for growing grapes then Pelješac would be high on the list.

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Your journey starts at the quaint town of Ston which has medieval walls and towers and continues over the second largest peninsula in Croatia measuring 358km². Across this stunning landscape you will witness nature in its most natural form. The locals proudly have a saying – Pelješac is the place where the nature is still the nature – a lose translation but the meaning is obvious.


It is a highland region, but with a lot of flat areas and has soil particularly favourable for growing grape vines, and mountain regions for breeding of high quality game. Your journey continues over narrow country roads and unmade tracks, through groves of pine and ancient cypress rich in history and legend. Vistas of the sea and mountains alternate with faded villas and crumbling villages, a 15th century monastery, a medieval chapel in the woods, lemon, orange and almond trees.


A peninsular formed off hard stone but with a soft and generous heart. Pelješac should be on your list of places to visit whilst holidaying in Dubrovnik. Its like seeing all of the Croatian coast in miniature.


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