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Who is the Hotel Guest of 2020?

Written by  Mary Smith Feb 28, 2019

The expectations of hotel guests today are notably different from a decade ago. Concepts which would have seemed alien back in 2009/2010 are now considered as standard, with technological evolution adding an unprecedented level of personalisation to a guest’s stay. Everything from the colour of the room walls to the courses on offer on the menus can be adapted to a guest’s specifications and preferences. Indeed, some guests even forward suggested itineraries to hotels when making their booking, a level of customisation that would have seemed unthinkable not so long ago.

The value of customer reviews has grown enormously in recent years, with online feedback platforms providing future guests with unbiased opinions of a hotel’s best and worst features. Many hotels now offer instant feedback provision, so customers don’t even need to wait until they are checking out to make their feelings known. The delivery of ‘mood snaps’ to hotel management keeps them informed of guests’ morale and gives them the opportunity to respond to any aspects of the stay with which the guest is dissatisfied, therefore potentially turning a disappointing stay into a very worthwhile one.

Technologies such as these are still in their infancy, but over the next couple of years there is a strong chance that they will become commonplace in hotels. This infographic from Killarney Hotels in Ireland examines of the more contemporary features that guests will come to expect from hotels by 2020, with the quest for maximum customisation becoming even more advanced.

Who is the hotel guest of 2020 infographic


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