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GUEST ARTICLE - Summer Essentials: 6 Things You Need To Purchase For Your Next Summer Vacations

Written by  James Graham Feb 27, 2019

Hot glaring sun has already begun to burn with an unbearable heat signaling that summers are almost here.

Due to climatic changes, it is obvious that we’ll have to face drastic weather conditions—hot and rainy days together. Thus, the scorching heat of the sun can harm your skin and eyes, if not properly protected.

What are Travel Essentials?

Don’t know what the essentials are? Is it your first trip to a foreign land? No need to worry as I have listed down the most essential travel-friendly items to pack for summers:

1. Sunscreen
2. Backpack
3. Shades
4. Umbrella
5. First Aid Kit
6. Necessary Summer Clothes (for babies—keep the spare ones too)
7. Wipes/Diapers
8. Drinking Water
9. Snacks
10. Toolkit
11. Daily Use Items

To aid your research, here is a comprehensive checklist of travel essentials that you can use to crosscheck what you are missing out. I find it the most apt checklist to pack for summer vacations!

What To Purchase For Upcoming Summer Vacations?

Getting back on track, if you are a usual traveler, you MUST be someone like me who is constantly hunting for the best, the updated, the convenient, and the comfortable. I am REAL persnickety in picking out stuff and, therefore, I share what’s truly helpful and amazing.

In the post, I am laying out one of my most favorite, field-tested travel essentials that I have purchased quite recently.

Whether you are traveling with kids or friends or maybe family, I have got you all covered. These travel essentials are going to help the adventurers, the hunters, the hikers, and whatnot.Let’s not wait anymore and find more about these most-treasured products:

Unisex Polarized Bamboo Sunglasses


Without having perfect shades, you cannot enjoy your summers perfectly!

These cool bamboo sunglasses will not only attract the crowd’s appreciation but also protect your eyes from harmful rays of UVA and UVB.

They are stylish, outstanding, and truly useful. Without fear of breakage, these sunshades are light, waterproof, and excessively sustainable.Among all the gypsies and wayfarers out there, these handsome pair of shades is a hit and an inspiring accessory. Similarly, I am falling in love with my shades more and more every passing day.

Add more glam to your look while relaxing on an exotic beach, riding the waves, having a pool party, and attending some outdoor gatherings under the burning sun. Plus, the bamboo glasses float in water, so you’re not going to lose them no matter how hard you try it.

Baby Carrier

With toddlers and babies, traveling is a lot more fun. Only a few parents will admit it, but it is the truth. Have you ever tried to focus on the sunny side of having kids with you? What if they were not there? Yeah, there would have been less hassle and maybe a lot more silence.

You don’t have to hold the baby all the time or stick to a single place when you have the baby carrier. In the market, there are a huge variety of baby carriers available for the hikers, adventurers, parents, and others.

Baby carriers are your best friends for airport transit, jumping on and off public transport, short hiking trips, beach walks, and whatever adventure you can come with. You can do it all with your baby, without freaking out.

If you have a baby, you MUST get a nice baby carrier to make your trip trouble-free. Your little bundle of joy will enjoy the sights and will keep you entertained as you move on. He is going to make you feel rejuvenated with his little wishes that you’d love to fulfill.

A natural energy drink it is no matter how tired you may feel at that moment!

Kammok Roo Double Camping Hammock


Remember your last trip when you so wanted to relax below those palm trees but had nothing to lie on? I can relate to that feeling. That is why I got my hammock for my summer vacations too.

Especially, when we are traveling with kids, they begin to feel tired after every few miles. Then, you have to halt your journey to let them relax and regain the strength to move ahead. For that purpose, a hammock is a blessing in disguise.

Nothing can stand in comparison with a hammock if you really wish to enjoy your summer vacations!Take a nap, lounge, or read in the middle of nowhere while you are traveling past the mountains, forests, or whatsoever.

The hammock can easily be packed and fitted into a standard luggage bag. In addition, the hammock is water-repellent, comfortable, and has an amazing stretch level. It can hold the weight of up to 500 pounds without breaking off. There are six gear loops to let you hang bottles and other gear on them and to keep it fixed to the desired position.

Moment Wide-Angle Smartphone Lens


Without photography, no trip is complete!

Carrying a bulky DSLR is not an option every time. So, why not upgrade your normal phone camera lens quality that equals a DSLR or somewhere near that standard. For that reason, buy this wide-angle smartphone lens to capture your moments in HD quality.

With the lens attached, you can capture the full height of skyscrapers, and complete breadth of mountainous scenic beauty. It is a cost-effective way to enclosing your precious moments in your phone.

JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth Speaker


Buskers do not perform in the jungles or mountain ranges to entertain you.

To keep you entertained and enthusiastic, these Bluetooth speakers are a perfect pick. They are cost-effective, light-in-weight, small in size, and stylish. The sound quality is incredibly outstanding. Begin your party in the hotel room or a boat or bar at any moment. Yes, the remote control is in your hands.

These mini giants are waterproof so you may take them while canoeing or kayaking in the seas and rivers. You can place these cylindrical speakers into the water bottle holster of your backpack.

Clearly Filtered Water Bottle


While packing, keeping water bottles is a must. Yet, the water is not going to last forever. Sometimes the purchasable water bottles are not available. Sometimes, you are near a freshwater source but are doubtful about drinking it. Sometimes, you are stuck between two things such as traveler’s diarrhea and your thirst.

What should you choose? I guess buy clearly filtered water bottle. It has an in-built water filtering system. It can kill about 99.99 percent of toxic substances and contaminants. The manufacturers claim that it can filter out more than 220 harmful chemicals. However, keep in mind that filters can last for about 4 to 6 months depending upon your usage.


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