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Six Dubrovnik Travel Tips Six Dubrovnik Travel Tips

Six Dubrovnik Travel Tips

Written by  May 18, 2016

With our inside information and local knowledge The Dubrovnik Times not only brings you news and views but also travel tips. Here are our TOP 6 Dubrovnik travel tips for this week.

#1 A bus ticket in Dubrovnik costs 15 Kuna on the bus and 12 Kuna at the kiosks.


#2 The walk on the City walls usually lasts from ninety minutes to two hours. Wear comfortable shoes, take a bottle of water and avoid the hottest hours of the day.

#3 The Dubrovnik Cable Car whisks you to the top of the Srd Mountain in under five minutes. Price for an adult return ticket is 140 Kuna and 60 Kuna for children. Why not get a single ticket up the mountain and walk down. The pathway is good and the walk to the Old City takes aroound 40 minutes. 

cable car2
#4 The "Green Market" in the Gundulic Square in Dubrovnik opens from the break of dawn until exactly midday. Fresh fruit and vegetables all locally grown. As the bell tower rings twelve o'clock the pigeons are fed in the square.

#5 The Dubrovnik Card is a unique pass allowing entry into 8 cultural-historical monuments, the top attractions of Dubrovnik. Depending on the length of stay, you can buy 3 types of cards: 1, 3 or 7 days. By purchasing a Dubrovnik Card, you will get a bus card that is valid throughout the city of Dubrovnik and some discounts too. You can buy it in tourist board offices, hotels, etc. but the easiest way is online - where you also get 10 percent off.

#6 When booking plane ticket to Dubrovnik reserve a seat on the left hand side of the plane. On arrival you will have a superb view over the Old City of Dubrovnik, whilst the right hand side of the plane will be left to look at the endless blue of the Adriatic Sea.


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