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Stunning Srebreno Stunning Srebreno

Srebreno – the home of beautiful beaches

Written by  Sep 20, 2018

If its beaches and glorious nature you are after, then take a trip to the stunning Srebreno. With semi-sandy beaches that are perfect for children, a host of eateries and café bars and numerous water sport opportunities, Srebreno certainly has some of the best beaches in the Dubrovnik region.

Located in the borough of Župa, just south of Dubrovnik, Srebreno has a rich and interesting history. It was first mentioned in writing in 1272. The name Srebreno come from the historical name “Sub Burnum” which literally translates as “under Župa.” In fact, coins and amphorae have been unearthed from Roman times suggesting that Srebreno had a history long before the 13th century.



But its beaches and fun that the area is best known for today. With a long semi-sandy beach and plenty of eateries on the promenade behind it is ideal for families. The Adriatic is relatively shallow for around 100 metres so it’s a great spot for messing around in the water.



Srebreno is also home to one of the leading hotels, and one of only two brand name hotels in the Dubrovnik region, the Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera. Although, unsurprisingly, the grounds and the outside swimming pool are out of bounds for non-residents you can use the café bars, restaurants and even a day pass in the spa centre. And as part of the Sheraton there is a restaurant, Lungo Mare, located in front of the hotel with views over the Adriatic.



The newly developed seaside promenade has a number of café bars and restaurants, although most of them offer only a fast food style menu. If you are looking for something a little more high-end then the trendy bistro-style Ruzmarin just opposite the entrance to the Sheraton is a great option.

Parking is abundant but in the summer time it can be tricky to find a free space. Our tip is to park in the underground carpark near the Sheraton. Prices are reasonable and your car will remain cool in the shade.


And for shoppers Srebreno is home to the only real shopping centre, mall style, in the Dubrovnik region – Sub City. If you are used to the mega sized shopping centres then it will be a little disappointing but it has two-hours free parking, a range of clothes shops, chemists and shoe shops, amongst others.



Srebreno – the home of glorious beaches only 15 minutes from the centre of Dubrovnik.



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