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Coffee drinking in Dubrovnik Coffee drinking in Dubrovnik

The coffee culture of Dubrovnik

Written by  Mar 18, 2016

Drinking coffee in Dubrovnik is not a question of gulping down as quickly as possible, forget your coffee to go, this is coffee to stay. There is no rush, enjoy your drink in peace; the coffee culture of Dubrovnik is a way of life. Locals drink coffee like a fish drinks water.

Unlike many bars, pubs and cafés that you might be used to back home you don’t, I repeat don’t have to pay for your coffee, or any other drink, when you order it. The waiter/waitress will take your order, and yes all of then speak great English, and return with both your drinks and the bill.

Now one of the biggest complaints that we hear from tourists is the fact that the coffee is either a – cold or b – too small. Here are a few tips to avoid these situations, although never expect those barrel sized cups that brand name coffee shops sell in major cities. Firstly order hot milk with your coffee, the waiters hear this often so don’t be shy. And secondly ask for a white coffee, there is normally plenty of choice on the menu but many of them come in espresso sized cups.

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Drink up in peace and at your own leisure, no rush like I’ve already mentioned, and when you’ve finished ask to pay. If you fancy another drink then just order, you don’t have to pay for the first drinks until you finished everything. And whilst we are on the price, of course there is a huge difference in price depending on where you want to drink your beverage. If you want to sit in the middle of the Old City, maybe on the Stradun, then you could be paying twice as much than a café further out of the centre, just as you would in any tourist destination or major city. For example a white coffee on the Stradun will be 20 Kunas plus, whilst on the back streets it will be around 10 Kunas.

It is also normal for a glass of tap water to come with your coffee, if it doesn’t then ask, and don’t be fobbed off with the waiter saying that they only have bottled water, that’s a tourist trap. The main point is to take your time; you are on holiday after all.


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