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How to visit Croatia on a budget How to visit Croatia on a budget

Top 10 Tips to Have Your Vacations in Croatia if You Are on a Tight Budget

Written by  Jessica Watson Feb 18, 2018

Traveling can be expensive, especially if you do not plan ahead and look for ways to save money. While there are numerous places around the world that you can visit, Croatia often tops the list of most visited destinations, because people can find significant savings when they travel there. Therefore, if you love to travel, you may want to plan on booking your next few vacations in this phenomenal country and reap the benefits of saving a lot of money at the same time.

Here are the top 10 tips to have your vacations in Croatia if you are on a tight budget:

1. Stay Centrally Located or in Smaller Towns

Croatia is a larger country than you think that it is, which is why you will want to stay somewhere centrally located. This will allow you to stay in one hotel and then take day trips to other locations throughout your time in the country if you choose to do so. Certain towns are also cheaper to stay in than others, so it is worth the slight inconvenience of traveling to see some of the attractions in the larger areas. Although some research as to the possibilities of public transport is recommended.

cavtat great holiday base 2018

Cavtat is a great base for exploring Dubrovnik 

2. Eat Like a Local

There are too many tourist restaurants to count in Croatia, but they are there because all the tourists want to eat what they are familiar with. However, you will save a lot of money if you eat the food that the locals eat. Talk to the locals and find out what some of their favorite restaurants are. You will find that you will save a lot of money when dining out by making the choice to eat like a local over eating like a tourist.

3. Rent with the Locals instead of Hotels

Many of the locals in Croatia will rent out apartments and they are almost always cheaper than the hotels. Plus, they offer more space and a fully equipped kitchen. This may also be a better option for larger families or someone who plans on preparing all their meals while in Croatia. However, if you still want to experience fancy yet affordable accommodations, you can check out Croatia Luxury Rent.

charming croatia apartment 2018

Charming apartments on the Dalmatian coast 

4. Travel by Bus

The bus is even easier and friendlier nowadays in Croatia, with free Wi-Fi, lots of space, and air conditioning. It is much cheaper than renting a vehicle, paying for a taxi, or trying to figure out the unreliable train system. You can even save more money by purchasing your tickets online.

5. Travel Off Season

Croatia has quite the busy season during the months of July and August and the prices get so high during that time that the locals don’t even leave their homes unless it is absolutely necessary. To keep yourself from overspending while in Croatia, you will want to visit during the spring or the fall seasons. It is still warm over there, but you can appreciate the country more like a local due to the lack of the thousands of tourists.

have the beach to yourself in the winter

Have the beaches to yourself in the winter 

6. Plan Tours and Attractions Wisely

The cost of tours and attractions can add up quickly and before you know it, your budget for your vacation could be gone. It is better to carefully decide which tours and attractions are worth the expense and even try to find ones that are free. A perfect example would be walking along the top of the ancient wall in Dubrovnik, which will enhance your experience in Croatia, therefore it is worth the price of the activity. Paying for a cable car to take you to the top of Srd Hill may not be worth the expense, as you can easily hike to the top yourself.

7. Book Ahead

If you plan on island hopping while visiting Croatia, you will want to plan ahead and book your ferry trips online. This will prevent you from getting to the port only to find out that all the tickets are sold out and you are stranded until the next ferry leaves or worse, the following day! The ferries are the cheapest ways to travel from one island to another, so this is your best option when you are traveling on a budget. You just need to be proactive.

make sure the ferry leaves on time

Make sure the ferry doesn't leave without you


8. Consider other Airports

When you are making travel arrangements for your arrival and departure, you will want to consider numerous airports before making a final decision. You may think that it is worth the extra expense to fly directly into Zagreb, Dubrovnik, or Split, but that may not be the case. Instead, it can be just as easy to fly into Milano, Bratislava, Prague, or Vienna and catch a connecting flight to the coast of Croatia for a lot less money.

9. Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is very necessary when you go anywhere, but especially Croatia where the hospital system is not so cheap. By planning ahead, you will guarantee that you will be covered in case of any emergency, including needing to be airlifted to a facility in another country if necessary.

dont forget travel insurance

Don't leave home without travel insurance 

10. Currency

Nothing will ruin your budget more than not having the proper currency. Croatia currency is Kuna, but some places will accept Euros. You will need to know ahead of time who accepts what as to not get hit with an additional ten to fifteen percent fee if you try to pay with Euros at a place that doesn’t accept that currency. You can withdraw money from an ATM to have Kunas on hand, but keep in mind that you will have a flat fee as well as a five percent withdrawal fee incurred every time you go to the ATM. Your other option to try and keep on budget is to use your Visa or Mastercard for purchases. Just make sure that you have one that is not charging you an international fee every time you use it.

These ten tips will help you save money every time you visit Croatia, and hopefully you will save so much, that it will become your go to vacation destination for many years in the future. Of course, there is so much to do and see in this beautiful country that you will want to visit no matter what.

Author Bio: Jessica Watson has been writing for websites and blogs for several years now. Currently, she is with Bhaya Cruises. They are providing their best cruise services in Halong Bay Vietnam.


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