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London is the most attractive destination for modern travellers London is the most attractive destination for modern travellers

The changing face of travel – app replaces lap

Written by  Jan 15, 2018

The fast pace of travel, the world is becoming smaller at the slide of a thumb across a smart phone. Whereas years ago the classic high street travel agency was the place to find deals and book fortnights in the Mediterranean sun, those analogue days are well behind us. Today, with budget airlines, AirBnb and Uber, you can book your flights, your balcony in the sun and even the taxi to pick you up from the airport all online. And it would seem that more and more people are doing just that.

According to the tech and travel company, Sygic Travel, 85 percent of tourists planned their vacation on a smartphone or tablet in 2017, whilst just four years ago they preferred to do it with a laptop. Travel is moving from lap to app. In 2017 the most popular destination worldwide was London together with its famous Big Ben.

branddeberg gate berlin 2018

Statistics also reveal that Android users are more conservative while spending money on accommodation or tours via mobile devices than iOS users.

“Today, most of travel planning is done with the help of a smartphone rather than a computer. Our data shows that in 2017 travellers from the whole world planned 77 percent of their trips in the iOS and Android apps (plus 8% on iPads respectively) while just 15 percent used the web planner on a computer,” says Barbora Nevosádová, Sygic Travel’s Marketing Director.

The 10 most popular cities of 2017 according to Sygic Travel were in descending order London, Rome, Paris, Prague, New York, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Berlin, Budapest and Venice.


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