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Five reasons Game of Thrones fans need to see Dubrovnik Five reasons Game of Thrones fans need to see Dubrovnik

Five reasons Game of Thrones fans MUST visit Dubrovnik

Written by  Mark Thomas Sep 01, 2017

Welcome to Dubrovnik or as millions of people around the world now call it – King’s Landing. Since season two of the mega popular Game of Thrones hit the screens Dubrovnik has been one of the stars of the show. It has featured as a backdrop in every season since and brought millions of fans to see their favourite locations.

Here is our guide to the top five reasons that Game of Thrones fans need to visit Dubrovnik

You can get up close and personal

red keep and lovrijenac

The vast majority of the Game of Thrones sets in Dubrovnik are all well within walking distance and in spite on clever CGI they still look like the actual scenes. From the actual city walls, that stretch for 1.9 kilometres around the UNESCO World Heritage Site, to the stunning Lovrijenac Fortress, or Red Keep in the series and the island of Lokrum. All these unique Dubrovnik Game of Thrones locations are within easy reach. Grab a Game of Thrones walking tour to make the most of your time in the city, or King’s Landing.

You can sit on an Iron Throne

sit on iron throne dubrovnik

It might not be the original but it is impressive, located in a Game of Thrones visitors centre on the island of Lokrum. The replica throne, and yes it is the original size, stands in a section of the Benedictine Monastery and is part of the Game of Thrones visitors centre. The island had its own place in the globally popular serial as it played city of Qarth near the Jade Sea in season two. And this set is within a stone’s throw of the visitor’s centre. Entrance, and a photo memory on the iron throne, to the centre is free of charge.

You can recreate your own Walk of Shame

walk of shame dubrovnik

Take a “Cersie selfie” on the very steps she started her Walk of Shame. These magnificent steps are located in the heart of the historic Old City of Dubrovnik and will be immediately recognisable from the series as the Walk of Shame from season 5. The steps tend to be relatively busy, yes you won’t be the only one trying to recreate Cersie’s big moment, so if you want to have them for yourself you’ll need to get up at the crack of dawn.

Visit the Trsteno Arboretum

game of thrones trsteno location

The location for the garden’s of King’s landing in the HBO hit serial. You are going to need transport from Dubrovnik to get to this location, but its well worth putting in that extra effort. The actual Trsteno Arboretum is glorious and when you get to the view over the Adriatic Sea you’ll see the stone pagoda that was used in the series. Unreal views and plenty of camera opportunities.

Take a Game of Thrones guided tour

ivan GOT tour guide dubrovnik

A walking tout around the historic Old City of Dubrovnik with all the major points of the serial and locations interestingly brought to life. There are many walking tours, and indeed driving tours, on offer in Dubrovnik so it can be a little hard to find the great tour guide “needle” in the GOT tours “haystack.” Most of the tours last for two hours and you’ll see many of the more important locations. Good idea to take a bottle of water with you and don’t forget your camera. Our recommendation on a great tour guide would be Ivan Vukovic and you can book your tour with him here


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