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Ski destinations in Croatia

Written by  Jan 03, 2017

In terms of ski tourism, Croatia is way behind traditional European ski countries such as France, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Italy. However, even though a number of ski resorts in the country are quite small, it is not negligible. Bjelolasica, Sljeme, Platak, Begovo Razdolje, Celimbasa and Trsce offer very good ski pistes as well as some Alp-like houses, villas and cottages in their vicinity for spending magical winter holidays.

For those who would like to bypass the famous French or Austrian ski resorts this year and discover some hidden winter gems, or for those who just have smaller ski budgets, here is the list of houses, villas and cottages that are located near Croatian ski resorts in the Gorski ktar region and which seem quite charming and relaxing.

House on the Bukov vrh (718 Kunas per night/ 8 persons)

Sumska villa, Mrkopalj (1500 Kunas per night/ 8 persons)

House on Platak, near Rijeka (1019 Kunas per night/ 6 persons)

Chalet Pinus Sylvestris, Ravna Gora (1887 Kunas per night/ 9 persons)

House Margerita, Mrkopalj (603 Kunas per night/ 5 persons)

Gospic near Baske Ostarije ski resort (746 Kunas per night/ 9 persons)

Villa Razdolje, Begovo Razdolje (2712 Kunas per night/ 8 persons)

House Ana, Crni Lug (696 Kunas/ 5 persons)

Velika Lesnica, Delnice (904 Kunas per night/ 6 persons)

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