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Top tips for swimming in Dubrovnik

Written by  Jan 13, 2016

Here are three top tips to consider before you hit the beaches in Dubrovnik.

Sand beaches are rare so be prepared

Although there are plenty of beaches in and around Dubrovnik there are very, very few that are true sandy beaches. The vast majority of beaches are either light shingle or pebbles. And whilst you will see the locals skip over the pebbles as if they were walking on a plush carpet tourist’s feet don’t tend to be so hardened. Rubber shoes are a must, especially for small children, if you want to enter the sea with ease. You might stand out a bit from the crowd but scrabbling down the beach like your walking on broken glass will also look a little undignified.

Beware of black spines

On many beaches, especially isolated ones or ones with many rocks, you will see small black circles lingering on the seabed. These are sea-urchins and are a sign that the sea water in that location is very clean. However there is a downside, if you accidentally tread on you’ll have a nasty surprise. The urchins are basically balls of black needles that stick out in all directions. If you are unlucky enough to stand on one the tiny needles will break off into your foot. Asides from being very painful there is no further risk. The best way to extract these needles is to elevate your foot and to rub it with plenty of olive oil; they will then slowly come out by themselves. Again wearing rubber shoes will protect you.

Gently, gently

Try to avoid jumping directly into the sea after spending hours sunbathing. Gently, gently is the golden rule. You need to give your body some time to adjust to the cooler sea temperature. Even though you may be swimming in the middle of the summer when the sea temperature is likely to be 25 degrees Celsius the difference in temperature from the sun is great. Ease yourself in and give yourself time, don’t forget there are at least two or three cases every year of tourists suffering heart attacks in the sea. Why risk it.

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