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Croatia's Winter Wonders: The Sunday Times Showcases the Enchanting Charms of a Festive Escape Screenshot

Croatia's Winter Wonders: The Sunday Times Showcases the Enchanting Charms of a Festive Escape

Written by  Dec 04, 2023

The prestigious British publication, The Sunday Times, in its Travel edition, has published a report on Croatia as an indispensable destination during the winter, i.e., holiday season, both online and on the cover of its print edition.

Citing the main Advent attractions and the beauties of the natural landscape in winter attire, the article's author, Mary Novakovich, invites readers to visit and explore various regions of our beautiful country, both continental cities and places by the sea, precisely during the cold months.

"Frozen waterfalls, medieval castles, carnivals, and new airline routes throughout the year are key reasons to visit Croatia outside the summer season," emphasizes the journalist, who says she is consistently impressed by Croatia's tourism offerings after each trip to our beautiful land.

As destinations that particularly exude winter charm and provide an attractive experience, natural landscapes such as Plitvice Lakes, Krka National Park, Medvednica, and Biokovo are especially highlighted.

Dubrovnik is recommended in winter 

For carnival and festival enthusiasts, a visit to Dubrovnik is recommended, known for its annual winter cultural and musical entertainment and diverse concerts and performances in the city center. The Rijeka Carnival is also a must-visit, being the starting point for a dazzling parade, colorful costumes, and a festive atmosphere, Novakovich emphasizes in the text.

The winter fairy tale in the midst of baroque and rococo architecture in Varaždin, as well as in the historical core of Split, is an essential point of travel during Advent in Croatia, according to the journalist. Advent houses, winter gastronomic specialties, Christmas hits, and illuminated streets are the main assets for achieving excellent mood, both for the youngest and the older generations.

According to everything mentioned in the article, Croatia is recognized as a destination for an ideal winter escape from crowds and enjoying the blessings of the Christmas atmosphere, which is undoubtedly another step towards the development of our year-round tourism.


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