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ACI Marina Veljko Barbieri in Slano: A Luxurious Gateway to the Enchanting Elaphite Islands and Dubrovnik

Written by  Sep 18, 2023

Welcome to the epitome of maritime elegance and adventure at ACI Marina Veljko Barbieri in the charming enclave of Slano. Nestled within a picturesque bay, this relatively newly inaugurated marina offers not only a secure haven for seafaring enthusiasts but also a gateway to explore the enchanting Elaphite islands and embark on a luxurious journey to the historic city of Dubrovnik. Join us on a voyage into the heart of this tranquil retreat, where modern sophistication harmonizes with the rich maritime history of Dubrovnik's shores.

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Nestled within a picturesque bay, the relatively newly inaugurated ACI Marina Veljko Barbieri in Slano stands as the epitome of refined elegance, making it the perfect embarkation point for cruising the enchanting Elaphite islands or embarking on a luxurious journey to the historic city of Dubrovnik. This exquisite marina, proudly named after the visionary creator of the renowned ACI marina chain, Veljko Barbieri, has been meticulously designed in a location that has long served as a secure sanctuary for all seafaring vessels. Cradled within a serene bay, it offers not only a safe haven but also a delightful fusion of natural beauty and modern sophistication.

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For those seeking an active retreat along the scenic shores, the marina offers a 50-kilometer bicycle trail, inviting visitors to embark on invigorating adventures. ACI Marina Veljko Barbieri is idyllically situated in the expansive and breath-taking bay that shares its name. The charming town of Lopud, nestled along the bay and the eponymous island, awaits just around 10 nautical miles from Slano. This area, adorned with lush vegetation, is steeped in Dubrovnik's maritime history and is home to the picturesque Šunj Bay.

As you approach this haven of tranquillity, you'll find ACI Marina Veljko Barbieri nestled in the north-eastern corner of the spacious Slano harbour. This harbour, renowned for its historical significance, extends one nautical mile into the mainland along the northern shores of the Koločep channel. Sheltered from all winds, it has been a sought-after mooring destination for mariners since ancient times. Navigating the Slano harbour, you'll pass through a 340-metre-long passage nestled between the Gornji and Donji capes. On the Donji cape, marking the western boundary of the bay, a lighthouse guides your way with its luminous presence. Along the local boardwalk, a mere 150 meters northwest of the marina, you'll find the harbour light.

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To reach the marina, set your course on a north-eastern trajectory upon entering the Slano harbour. The waters within the marina are deep enough for secure navigation, boasting depths that range from 10 to 35 meters, with shallower stretches closer to the shores.

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