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Amazing landscapes of Lastovo Amazing landscapes of Lastovo Aleksandar Gospić/CNTB

Lastovo Island - A Hidden Oasis of Tradition, Beauty, and Unforgettable Experiences

Written by  Jun 28, 2023

Due to its isolation and location in the open sea, Lastovo is essentially a little continent of its own, with numerous traditions that exist nowhere else in the world.

Explore Lastovo Island: A hidden gem located near the island of Korčula, spanning approximately 53 km² and home to around 1300 residents. Rising to a height of 417m, Lastovo boasts its highest peak, Hum Hill. The island encompasses two settlements, Ubli along the coast, and Lastovo nestled in the interior. With its abundance of bays, captivating beaches, lush vegetation, vineyards, olive groves, and gardens, Lastovo offers a haven to its primarily farming and fishing community, benefitting from the bountiful sea teeming with fish. In recent years, the island has also embraced tourism, showcasing beautiful new coastal homes. Noteworthy spots include the romantic Skrivena Luka (Hidden Harbour).

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Credit: Hrvoje Serdar/CNTB

Captivating history on magnificent island

Lastovo's captivating history under the Dubrovnik Republic is reflected in its remarkable architectural and artistic heritage. The town of Lastovo, situated on the southern slopes, showcases a collection of ancient Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque-style homes. The 14th-century parish church of St. Kuzma and Damjan, crafted by skilled artisans from Dubrovnik and Korčula, features three naves spanning the 15th to 17th centuries. Adorned with 17th-century paintings by Venetian artist Giovanni Lanfranco, the Baroque main altar is dedicated to the saints Kuzma and Damjan. Additionally, Lastovo is home to two 16th-century stone ciboria inspired by similar ones in Korčula. The church also houses precious silver liturgical artifacts, with a notable Renaissance bronze bowl for blessing water.

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Credit: Aleksandar Gospić/CNTB

Lastovo is dotted with numerous ancient churches, including St. Luke's from the 11th century in Ubla, but the most exquisite is St. Mary of the Fields. Constructed by local craftsmen in the 15th century, this Gothic-Renaissance masterpiece showcases the island's rich architectural heritage. Lastovo is also renowned for its captivating folk costumes, traditions, and dances, with the famous Lastovo wheel dance being a prominent cultural highlight.

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Credit: Marjan Radović/CNTB 

Notably, Lastovo's Carnival parades and the traditional Mardi Gras ritual of pulling a grand ceremonial Carnival doll through town, culminating in its fiery demise, are widely celebrated events that add to the island's vibrant cultural tapestry.

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