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Rastoke Waterfalls, Slunj Rastoke Waterfalls, Slunj Canva

5 of the best places in Croatia that you should add to your bucket list

Written by  Feb 09, 2023

Every year people search out new places to go for their vacations. Some might be concerned that they may have visited all of the best spots. But, as if winning an Intertops poker bonus, we will surprise you with 5 very special hidden spots in Croatia ripe for exploration.

Everyone loves to visit Dubrovnik, a stunning city with lots of people and lots of action. However, sometimes the less travelled, quiet, less crowded spot is the preferred destination. It is also here in these spots where you’ll find the very best sunsets!

Located by the Adriatic Sea, Croatia has long been a favorite place for travelers. More and more people are discovering that there are many hidden gems to explore as well as the many popular picturesque cities and well-known spots. Below are a few of those hidden gems.

Visiting Pag Island

Croatia is made of many islands and Pag Island is one that should not be missed. Pag Island is often called “the Moonrock” because one part of it looks like the terrain found on the surface of the moon. The crystal-clear blue waters and beaches are inviting and the sunsets mesmerizing. Pag Island is also known as a party island. If you love parties, head over to Zrce beach in Novalja where in the summer there are constant parties.

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Zrce Beach - Photo Canva 

The historic town of Novalja is also worth visiting as is the centuries-old salt production plant in Pag which offers tours and will definitely be an interesting experience.

While in Pag you should try the local cuisine and especially the rich sheep milk cheese for which Pag is well known.


Motoovun is a small quaint village, similar to those found in Tuscany, located at the top of a hill in the Istria region. Once you reach the top you can literally climb over the ancient walls of the city and take in the views of the whole area.

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Motovun - Photo Canva

In the months of July and August the Motovun Film Festival takes place where you will be able to see some of the great films, shows and concerts that will be showing.

Motovun is definitely one of those perfect spots in Croatia to visit. But it is well-known for its truffles and wines. Whilst there you should try a glass of Malvazija together with some of those famous truffles.

Rastoke Waterfalls, Slunj

The scenery at the Rastoke Waterfalls is outstanding, as beautiful as that of the Plitvice Lakes National Park but without all the crowds. You can also visit the Rastoke Village Museum and don’t miss a visit to the watermill spoons.

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Rastoke Waterfalls - Photo Canva

You can experience here the perfect romantic dinner date, overlooking the river enjoying freshly caught trout and a glass of wine.

Visit the Trakošćan Castle in Zagorje

There are amazing castles and fortresses worth visiting in the central part of Croatia. Some of these are real hidden gems. In Croatia’s capital, Zagreb, you find some noteworthy castles to visit.

The Trakošćan Castle offers insight into the way the former residents of the castle lived. Inside the castle is a museum where you will discover many items that date back to the 15th century.

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Trakošćan Castle - Photo Canva 

There is a lake perfect for a stroll after your tour of the castle which includes a chapel where even today people are able to get married. Make sure to wear some good walking shoes as the castle is at the top of a hill!

Something you must sample on your visit to the Zagorje region is strukli, a specialty of the area. It is a fluffy dough filled with something sweet or savory and will give you a real feeling of well-being.

Don’t miss a trip to Arboretum Trsteo

Arbotetum Trsteo became famous after it featured in the third and fourth seasons of Game of Thrones. Following its appearance in the series, Dubrovnik which had always been a very popular tourist destination became even more crowded with tourists. But Arboretum Trsteo still remains relatively quiet and for those who like to explore nature and prefer fewer people then it will be a delight.

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Trsteno - Photo Canva

The beautiful gardens, tended by the Gučetić family from the 15th century are amazing examples of what a renaissance garden is all about. This hidden gem includes the pergola that was featured in the Game of Thrones!

Foodies will be excited to find the Dubrovnik area full of delicious produce. There is freshly caught fish, outstanding fine wines and cheeses and excellent olive oil to be had. If you are partial to something sweet, you must try Ston cake which is produced in the nearby village of the same name; pastry filled with “penne pasta, chocolate, nuts, butter, cinnamon and eggs.”

To sum up

For sure your trip to Croatia will not disappoint. There is just so much to do and see. From the magnificent architecture to its coast and countryside. Croatia’s stunning nature and hidden treasures will make you want to return time and again. You can arrange a short, weekend trip or a longer trip for your summer or winter vacation.

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