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Traveling to Croatia - 91 percent of visitors plan on coming back

Written by  Jan 09, 2023

After shocking the world by finishing third in the recently concluded World Cup, Croatia continues to win in other fields too.

Research conducted by and says that 89 percent of visitors plan to return to Croatia, and 91 percent would recommend Croatia as a holiday destination. The results of the survey showed that visitors are satisfied with Croatia as a summer vacation destination. While in Croatia, they enjoy the gastronomic offer, activities, cultural heritage and natural beauties. “According to our research, as many as 60 percent of respondents stayed in Croatia for an average of 3-5 days. They mostly visited at least 2 destinations. Therefore, we can conclude that the majority of visitors who come to Croatia have a desire to visit as many locations as possible, and not just stay in one place,” stated 

A whopping 83 percent of people surveyed were satisfied with the cleanliness of the destinations and 83 percent were satisfied with the safety. One of the lowest scoring questions answered was the satisfaction with the prices of food and drink, but even that reached 63 percent. Whilst 74 percent of people questioned were satisfied with the food on offer.

Official tourism data suggest that COVID days might be gone, as 18.9 million tourists visited the country in 2022, almost equalling the results from the record-breaking 2019.

The survey, conducted among the 500.000 passengers also says that guests are extremely satisfied with sights, especially national parks, cuisine, and general safety of Croatian cities.

Croatia also recently joined Eurozone and Schnegen area, so passengers will now enter the country more easily than ever before.


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