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How to save up for the dream vacation to Split

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Dec 13, 2022

The Croatian harbor city of Split is nothing short of a dream. Being the largest city on the Adriatic coast, travellers will be able to experience picturesque beaches as well as historic and cultural sights. But going on vacation can be expensive, and when travelling to a vacation paradise like this one, you want to get the best out of it. Here are some tips on how to plan a trip to Split - the more extravagant version as well as the budget friendly version.

Finding every option

When wanting to go on vacation, a natural thing as a consumer would be to look through your current budget. Are you willing to spend more sparingly at home, if that means you can enjoy steak and lobster in Split?

Even though cutting down on one’s expenses can be a way to save up money, sometimes there just aren’t many holes in the budget with medical expenses, food and other unexpected bills. Some instead choose to finance their vacation with a loan. With 7 years experience in the industry, LoanScouter is a thorough guide to help find a loan that’s suitable for any finances. There are different types of loans, so it’s very important to note which one is appropriate for your situation.

Passive income

If it isn’t a possibility to ask for a raise at your job, some instead choose to opt for earning passive income on the sideline. Maybe you are good at painting or taking photos? Today, Instagram and social media have become perfect platforms for showcasing your portfolio, and if you get noticed by others, you might be able to sell your photos.

Another tip is to rent out your home, while you’re away. Today there are many platforms where you can rent out your home or apartment for weeks or months. The good thing is how it’s fairly low maintenance as you just need to clean and keep in contact with your guests.

Split on a budget

Split is generally pretty inexpensive, but vacations can always be a little costly. If you wish to save up money for a vacation, that is fun, but not too expensive, these are some valuable tips:

  • Shop locally and at supermarkets
  • Sleep at cheap hostels
  • Fly during Autumn
  • Enjoy the free sights

Croatian food is fairly inexpensive, but if you really wish to save money, go to the supermarkets and pack lunches and snacks from home. But you should try the local food at least once!

Split is full of historical and free sights. Go and hike the Marjan Hill, visit the ruins of Salona and of course relax at the beautiful beaches like Bacvice or Ovcice.

Luxurious Split

Maybe you wish to visit the beautiful city and want to relax and enjoy your vacation without worrying too much about the money. Here are three things you need to do, while you’re in Split:

  • Check in at a 4-star hotel close to the beach
  • Eat local Croatian food at nice restaurants
  • Go on a luxury cruise

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