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Gorski kotar – a green oasis of Croatia

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Sep 19, 2022

In our minds, summer is mostly reserved for going to the sea and enjoying the sun, but everyone's favourite season can be much more than that. Gorski kotar, this green oasis of Croatia, is beautiful in the winter, but what it has to offer in the warmer part of the year we have yet to find out. How rich and full of life Croatia is, and how little we are aware of the blessings we have been gifted with.

And Gorski kotar is a region with so much to offer, a region for all season. Located halfway between Zagreb and Rijeka this magical region is one of the greenest parts of the whole country. A place where nature and the local population are in perfect harmony. And where the rich history is visible in the numerous castles all over the region.

So let's pick out some highlights from the wondrous Gorski kotar

Bear watching

Yes, bear watching! One such resident who has always ruled the forests of Gorski kotar are bears. Through the "Bear watching" program, there is a great chance that you will meet a bear in its natural habitat face to face. And the organizers of this great idea claim that bears appear in almost 95 percent of cases, meaning you have a really good chance to see a bear at close quarters. "Bear watching" is a fantastic experience, an encounter with nature and an opportunity to remind ourselves that humans are just one link in a chain that functions just fine without us.

bear watching gorski

Gorski kotar gastronomy

Like the majority of regions across the country Gorski kotar has its own specialties. Hunter's goulash, dumplings, blueberry pie, homemade cheese, sausages, bear leek pesto, homemade bread, that's just the tip of the iceberg. All dishes resemble the old cuisine of the people in this region. Satisfying and heavy food is served in order to survive the harsh conditions that are common here in winter. People needed to work a lot, but they also ate well.

gastro gorski kotar

A mystical town in the heart of Gorski kotar

Čabar is truly a gem of a small town. Primarily, because of its beautiful nature and forests, and rich history, but also the people who are extremely kind and ready to welcome you. A visit to the Interpretation Centre "The Routes of the Frankopans" reminds you of the rich history and legacy of the famous families who lived in this area. Every now and then, they find new documents in the archives, records and pictures that have been sitting under layers of dust for years until someone discovered their value.


Klanac swimming area

Surprises in Gorski kotar never end, and with a visit to Vrbovsko, you'll discover another one, the Klanac swimming area. Why do we only crowd the beaches every summer when here we can find peace and refreshment and enjoy nature? And here, the perfect artist, that nature is, really did its best. In addition to swimming in the beautiful and clean water, you can ride kayaks, enjoy organized rafting, sunbathe, eat in nearby restaurants, and simply enjoy yourself. The Klanac swimming area can be a great detour or even the main destination.

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