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Welcome to the largest and least populated Croatian county CNTB

Welcome to the largest and least populated Croatian county

Written by  Sep 19, 2022

Considering its size and little presence of buildings, unlike urbanistically (relatively speaking) more advanced environments, Lika has remained quite untouched and unsullied by human activity. It's not something that we claim, but rather something supported by studies, like the one proving the Gacka river to be one of the cleanest rivers in the world. Perhaps this is the reason why trout grows faster in this area than anywhere else in the world.


Gacka Honey Trail

 LIKA HONEY 700x400

The "Gacka Honey Trail" project came from the desire to give recognition to the hardworking beekeepers of this region for their work, effort and production. Several local beekeepers are involved in the project, and these trails will lead you to the sweetest products of one of the most important inhabitants of our planet – bees. At one family farm, there are beekeepers who went one step further, and as part of their standard offer, they also opened a house where you can enjoy the so-called apitherapy, which brings many benefits to those who have various respiratory problems. Your task is to just sit in a beautiful house, breathe in the air from the hive, and the hardworking bees will do the rest of the work for you. The already standardized offer includes, of course, high-quality honey, scientifically confirmed-unadulterated, naturally made and with an abundance of health. In addition to honey, there are also many interesting honey products. All the beekeepers involved in this project will be happy to show you the work process, introduce you to the magical world of bees, and offer something extremely beneficial to your health.




One of the beekeepers told us that he is in love with his life in the Gacka river valley. And how could he not be, when the nature here is truly magical. In the valley of this clean river, you can enjoy kayaking, fishing, participating in a walking festival and many other activities. No matter which one you choose, and even if you just sit and gaze upon this masterpiece of nature, you won't regret it.


Zipline Watch out for the bear


And if you are eager for some crazy adventure, the "Watch out for the bear" zipline is the place to be. There you will experience a bird's eye view of what Lika is really like. They also organize climbing on a climbing wall, bicycle riding on hundreds of organized bike paths, camping and much more. We must warn you, emptying your mobile phone beforehand would be a wise thing to do because with these views of Lika you will for sure take hundreds of memorable photos.


Cheese factory Vedrine


Once you get a little hungry, we highly recommend filling up your stomach with a glass of fresh full-fat milk from Lika. If not milk, then definitely some of their famous dairy products. Cheese, "lička basa", yoghurts... whatever you can think of. There is a good chance that you will try some of the best dairy products in the world here. It's not humble to claim something like that, but there's no place for humility when it comes to Lika's dairy products. The cows that feed here eat exclusively grass without nutritional supplements and live in the idyll of the Lika's pastures and valleys. Be sure to visit one of their fantastic creameries.


Gastronomy of Lika


And finally, feast upon authentic delicacies of this region, which are still prepared here almost every day. Lika's potato halves are accompanied by "lička basa" and cured meats (homemade of course), trout in a hundred ways, greens, potato salads with Lika's potatoes famous for their good quality and delicious taste, strudels with local fruit and the list just goes on... Real feast with heavy food that will give you strength through memorable flavours and leave you with the urge to try it again.


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