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Looking for a day that you'll never forget – look no further - St. Pietro Island

Written by  Aug 25, 2022

Looking for a location to spend a day as a "Dalmatian" to get the real Dubrovnik experience without having to actually move anywhere? We've got the ideal location for you, and it might surprise you.

Location, location and location. The three most important points when purchasing real estate, and the same can be said for tourism. And this is a unique location that can't be beaten up and down the Croatian Dalmatian coast. The indented Croatian coastline is in fact 1,800 kilometres long and there are an incredible 1,100 islands and reefs dotted all the way up the coastline. The vast majority of these picturesque islands are uninhabited. And one of the southernmost islands in the whole of Croatia is the island of Supetar, or St. Pietro. I have already mentioned location as a key factor, well imagine this, Supetar is located between two tourism heavyweights, Dubrovnik and Cavtat. You can literally see both of the gems of Croatia, jewels in the crown of the Adriatic from the island.


Island gem

So you are looking for that true Dalmatian experience, that real Dubrovnik experience that is the best souvenir you can take home from your vacation in the south of Croatia. a day on the island of St. Pietro will tick all the boxes. And I say a day for good reason, it is quite easy to spend a whole day on this relatively small island. There is absolutely everything you need, great food, all of the types of drinks that you can imagine, beaches, shade, sunbeds, snacks and of course the Adriatic Sea whispering in the background of the day. "It honestly feels like we are elegant Robinson Crusoes," laughed an English couple who already seemed to be enjoying a whole day on the lovely island. In a world where we are constantly in a rush, an instant world where things must happen in a flash, it is refreshing to get back to nature and normality with a day on an Adriatic island. And just imagine recounting your Dubrovnik holiday to friends and family when you get home. "What did you do on vacation?" – "We spent a day on an island in the middle of the Adriatic."


Clever concept

"In principle this is a whole day lounge, chill and restaurant destination. We find that guests who come to St. Pietro start their experience with a cocktail or drink in the lounge bar area and soak up the atmosphere and unwind. The afterwards move onto the other side of the island where we have the restaurant set-up," explained the bookings and PR manager Bruno Čular when we visited St. Pietro recently. That is the whole concept and it is one that is obviously working, and working well.

You might be mistaken in thinking that this kind of experience, almost a private island is the norm in Croatia. With over 1,000 islands along the coastline there is surely a good chance that a good percentage are like the offer on St. Pietro. That's where you would be wrong. This is unique. A truly unique experience in the south of Croatia, and almost the same across the rest of the northern coastline.

Dalmatian chill out zone

So what can you expect? Well, I've already mentioned the lounge area, which is one of those relax and stretch out lounge areas that draws your eyes immediately to the crystal, clear Adriatic. It also has an impressive drinks list, from the fanciest cocktail to hot beverages and something for the children. Under the shade of pine trees you get that sea breeze, pine aroma and sparkling background. It's a real Dalmatian chill out zone!


And then on the other side of this relatively small island is an equally impressive restaurant zone. To say that the views, and especially the sunsets, are stunning would be a complete understatement. It is gorgeous. And the menu, which again has a Dalmatian twist, it just as impressive as the location. Value for money and a service that is tailor-made to each guest, although you feel more at home that like a guest.

A day to remember

Wherever you are on the island you're not far from the sea, you are on an inland after all. Meaning that a dip (or two) in the Adriatic is a must. And St. Pietro has thought about this, around the island there are special ladders for entering the warm waters. And even special areas for sunbathing after your dip. Catch a special island boat from the picturesque town of Cavtat and in under ten minutes you are on your own island retreat. Believe me, it is a whole day location, and one that you'll never forget.

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