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Get off the beaten track to find the true Croatian experience

Written by  Jun 18, 2022

Croatia is a country of contrast and diversity. From the turquoise glint of the Adriatic to the snowcapped peaks of the hinterland, and pretty much everything in between. And there are enough hidden gems to fill a crown several times over. So dive into Croatia and get that real Croatian experience by
getting of the beaten track.

Take the route less trodden, find your own path and enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

Trilj is a real little historical gem

A tour of the mills of that area takes us back to the past to remind us that in the speedy race we're all running, which usually overwhelms all of us who juggle the obligations of everyday life, we forgot to stop for a second and just enjoy life no matter what problems await us around the corner. Everyone wants to see how flour used to be ground, and these kind of mills have been operating in this area for generations, meet the people who have been living here all their lives and how they found peace and contentment in this idyllic region, which, as they point out, they have no intention of leaving.

Not far from the mill there is a stone bridge and a beautiful waterfall. Sitting on that bridge, listening to the water gurgling, and thinking about all the feet that have stepped here before, is a sure recipe for emptying your head of worries and the daily world we are all a part of.

The Hinterlands of Zadar - Paklenica

Zadar is a city recognized around the world for its beautiful waterfront, Sea Organ, the Church of St. Donatus, and many other historically and culturally notable buildings. But it would be such a shame not to give a chance to what lies in the vicinity of this beautiful historic city. Paklenica National Park, which is only two hours away from this city, is a real gem of nature. It lies at the foot of the Velebit mountain and is preserved and taken care of just as it deserves. The locals who take care of the park treat that whole territory as their own home. We welcome that and can honestly see that kind of familiar approach every step of the way.


Get active in Paklenica - Photo - Ivan Čorić/TZO Starigrad 

Varaždin – a baroque gem

Only one hour away from the capital of Croatia lies a whole new world. The surroundings of Varaždin ofer everything that is expected of this baroque gem. Here you can find history, culture, and gastronomy, but also a modern approach to tourism, which results in every guest individually coexisting in harmony. The charm of the hardworking people of this area can be seen in the most ordinary things; from warmly gardens to innovative business ideas.

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