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Croatia ranks in top 10 most popular countries for a boat stay

Written by  Apr 08, 2022

As the summer months are fast approaching, people are becoming more eager to travel and are beginning to search for their next exciting escape. And nothing says summer like a holiday at sea!

To provide them with some inspiration, experts at BuildYourAquarium.com sought to discover the best countries across Europe for staying on a boat by collating a seed list of the 11 most popular holiday destinations and utilising Airbnb to find the ones with the most boat Airbnbs available.

Here are the best European countries for a boat stay, ranked…

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With more than 300 boat Airbnbs available, the first place is shared by Italy and France. While both countries have stunning coastal locations, France leads Italy when it comes to Superhost Airbnb boats, having a whopping 179 more. A popular Superhost location in France is the coastal city La Rochelle in the south-west of the country and in Italy a Superhost boat could be found in the northern seaside resort town Cervia.

Second place goes to Spain with 297 boat Airbnbs on offer. The south-west European country has 32 Superhost boat Airbnbs available. One of the most popular locations to find one of those is in the port city Valencia, situated on the country’s south-east coast.

In third place is Turkey with 271 boat Airbnbs available to rent (only 26 less than its predecessor). Out of those, 15 are Superhost Airbnbs. Finike, located on the Mediterranean coast of the country, is one of the most popular locations for a high-rated boat Airbnb.

Ranking in fourth and fifth place respectively are the Netherlands (183 boat Airbnbs) and Greece (155 boat Airbnbs). And Croatia ranked in eighth position with 66 boats. 

And the least popular destination for staying on a boat is…

Having a total of just 2 boat Airbnbs (295 less than Spain in second position), Iceland ranks tenth and therefore, last in the study.


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