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Consequences of war in Ukraine could greatly influence tourism sector in neighbouring country

Written by  Mar 03, 2022

While the consequences of the war between Russia and Ukraine will undoubtedly spill over into global tourism, so far our neighbours in Montenegro, whose tourism sector is much more connected to the Russian and Ukrainian markets than ours, are most afraid of direct influence, Jutarnji list writes on Thursday.

Specifically, while Croatia in 2019 recorded only 139 thousand arrivals and about 845 thousand overnight stays of guests from Russia, Montenegrin figures show that Russians make up a little less than 30 percent of the total number of foreign arrivals in Montenegro.

In addition to tourist visits, according to official figures, 20,000 Russians live in the country, and a large number of them have real estate in Montenegro where they regularly come on holiday.

According to the Central Bank of Montenegro for 2019, in that year alone, Russian citizens bought real estate in that country worth 39 million euros. Montenegro's dependence on Russia, therefore, in the 2022 season, in which traffic from the pre-pandemic years was finally to be reached, could ruin the country's tourism sector's recovery plans.

Therefore, numerous Montenegrin economic analysts warn that the country urgently needs to devise a model according to which it will compensate for the expected losses from Russia and Ukraine. As analyst Mila Kasalica told the Montenegrin media, the preparation of the tourist season must include some mechanism for finding alternative emitting markets, writes Jutarnji list.


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