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European low-cost airlines introduces compulsory vaccinations for all cabin crew

Written by  Sep 05, 2021

The Hungarian low-cost airline, Wizz Air, will introduce vaccination obligation for all the company's flight and cabin staff from December this year. Wizz Air operates flights to Dubrovnik from three European destinations, Vienna, Rome and Warsaw.

Following the moves of other airlines in Europe and the world, Wizz Air has decided to introduce a mandatory vaccination rule for all cabin and flight crew members. In this way, the company wants to achieve greater safety on its flights and prevent the potential spread of infection among the crew, which is constantly changing due to the dense flight schedule of this low-cost carrier.

The company also wants to avoid the additional costs that arise when one of the crew members ends up in self-isolation or is positive, where the person is unable to do their job, with, of course, operational problems.

József Váradi, chief executive of Wizz Air Group, said: “At Wizz Air, our number one priority is the health and safety of our passengers and employees.”

And Wizz Air isn’t the only company to introduce compulsory vaccinations, the same obligation has been introduced by the Swiss Air and the German Lufthansa. Wizz Air flight and cabin crew who are unable to receive the vaccine for medical reasons must prove this with medical documentation, and the company will continue to provide free rapid and/or PCR testing.


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