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Tutto Bene Lapad Tutto Bene Lapad

Tutto Bene Restaurant Lapad - Tasted by the Editor

Written by  Aug 25, 2021

The Bay of Lapad is one of the most frequented suburbs of the whole of Dubrovnik, and for good reason. With tree-lined avenues, an abundance of hotels and some of the best beaches you could ever wish to roll out your towel on, it’s a magnet for all generations. And no doubt all that sea air, swimming and family fun has got you more than a little peckish. There is a solution to those hunger pangs in the shape of one of the most popular restaurants Tutto Bene.

It’s one of those restaurants that has that urban feel as apart from the main terrace of the restaurant there is a fast food take-away section, meaning that there is a constant flow of people. And that very flow gives it both a homely and a funky feel. Some guests will grab a slice of pizza on their way to the beach, whilst others are sitting down for a full family evening meal. And it has to be said that Tutto Bene in Lapad is eatery high on the list for locals, always a good sign.


So one of the first things that caught my eye as I entered the restaurant was the Covid safety signs. And it turns out they were there for a reason, as this restaurant was the very first in Dubrovnik to have a 100 percent vaccinated staff. And in recognition of this you’ll see the waiters all wearing green polo shirts.


The menu is wide and varied and prices are generally very reasonable. From spicy chicken wings, all shapes and sizes of pasta, burgers, pizzas, tortilla, I could go on and on. I plumped for pasta, and it turned out to be a great choice. Now this was the first time I’d actually seen pasta prepared in this way and it certainly caught my eye. One chef has this huge (and I mean huge) ball of parmesan cheese cut in half, and inside the half a bowl-shaped circle is cut out. He basically cooked the pasta next to this ball and then to finish it off placed the pasta into the cheese hole and mixed it around. This way the pasta had a truly unique and great taste, plus it was also fascinating to watch.


I can’t recommend it highly enough, but beware the portions are generous, so bring a big appetite with you. I combined my pasta with a fresh and appealing Caesar salad (again huge portions) and a glass of Croatian wine.

Looking around me I felt like I was in the canteen of the United Nations, tourists from all corners of the world have discovered Tutto Bene in Lapad and their smiles reflected the positive vibrations in the restaurant.

Whether it’s a fruit salad to recharge those batteries, a crepe to take to your sunbed or a full-blown meal you’ll find a dish to suit you.


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