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VIDEO – DU the Wire – zip-lining at 100km/h in Dubrovnik, and yes we did it!

Written by  Aug 20, 2021

Looking for an adrenaline rush? Do you have the need for speed? The answer to both those questions is DU the Wire. This is the longest seaside zip line in Croatia, stretching for an incredible 900 metres. And not only is it long it’s extremely fast, you’ll reach speeds up to 100km/h as you whizz headfirst over the Adriatic Sea.

“Become Superman for one minute and enjoy the freedom while flying on almost a kilometre-long single cable above the bluest sea in the world. It is the Superman position that will allow you to enjoy a stable flight and a stunning view,” states DU the Wire.


So how could we possibly not try this pulsating attraction! The start point is located at Dubac, about 4 kilometres away from the heart of the Old City of Dubrovnik. And standing at that very start point we soon got the impression at just how long this zip line was. Being in the Superman pose (although we preferred the Ironman pose) might at first feel a little unnerving, but when you start you quickly realise it’s a blast! You pick up speed faster than a Rimac Nevera! It seems like 0 to 100 goes in the blink of an eye. And what a view! Now we know what a bird sees every day. This puts the zip into zip line.

Safety is the key word and as the DU the Wire states “Standardized, licensed equipment used by us at the DU the Wire zip line ensures maximum safety. In addition, our trained instructors will provide you with all necessary instructions, so you can truly enjoy every moment of your zip line adventure.”


As I flew (literally) high over the Adriatic, with the island of Lokrum speeding past on my left and the coastline on the right I felt like I was having a zen moment, at one with nature. And you’ll be high as the zip line is 70 metres above sea level. Just to put some context into that the Dubrovnik Bridge is 50 metres above sea level!


And there is a nice added bonus, strapped to the front of your helmet is an action camera that records your journey through the air. Forget a Game of Thrones T-shirt this is a unique souvenir of you time in Dubrovnik!

To book you place on the DU the Wire zip line all you have to do is click here

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