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Culinary delights in the spotlight in fourth promo video from Dubrovačko primorje Screenshot

Culinary delights in the spotlight in fourth promo video from Dubrovačko primorje

Written by  Aug 19, 2021

After already highlighting the nautical, active and history and heritage offers of Dubrovačko primorje the fourth and final (at least for this year) episode of a four-part promo video series has been released and this time food is on the menu.

The varied gastronomic offer of Dubrovačko Primorje was in the spotlight, from the wonderful seafood to the freshly picked produce. This is a region that not only follows traditions, but it actively nurtures them, things are passed down from generation to generation. And one of the traditions is the culinary scene.

As the world turns to a more self-sufficient and sustainable approach to food, Dubrovacko primorje is well ahead of the game. Meals are based around what is in season, locally grown produce and prepared in a manner that hasn’t changed for decades. Real food with respect to the surroundings.


The Dubrovačko primorje tourist board commissioned this four-part video series and it has certainly helped to put the whole region in focus. In the first 10 days of August there were 8,461 overnight stays in hotels, which incredibly is 30 percent more than in the same period from 2019.


The videos were created by the Dubrovnik-based production company LMT Studio and the presenter was Mark Thomas, the editor of The Dubrovnik Times. And for this final video they would like to take the opportunity to thank Perica Miljević for his insight into the oyster farming, KUD Slano for their wonderful hospitality and Linđo dancing and Nina Smokvina for her cooking assistance.

Check out the latest video below and bon appetite!

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