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Great food on the go at Tutto Bene Great food on the go at Tutto Bene

Tutto Bene Fast Food Old City - Tasted by the Editor

Written by  Jul 28, 2021

Your time inside the historic Old City is precious, you want to make the most of the sights and see as much as you can, or are you looking for a snack on the go, then the answer lies at the Tutto Bene Fast food!

These days’ time is always at a premium. You want to pack as much into your Dubrovnik day as possible, and at the same time are in need of a healthy fast food option that won’t break the bank. At Tutto Bene in the very heart of the Old City you’ve got those options, in fact you can even just grab your meal on foot and get on with your day and take a little more time to sit in the air-conditioned interior.


A slice of pizza, a juicy burger, a wrap, tortilla, kebab or a salad on the go. We’re all used to coffee-to-go, but why not try a salad-to-go and find a peaceful spot inside the city walls to eat and people watch.

I plumped for a whole mix of the culinary delights on offer, with a slice of pizza, a chicken kebab tortilla and the special in-house French fries. These guys are well-known for their fries. They come packed in a special handy box that not only holds the fries but also a choice of two dips. This is dipping on the go. But I could easily have chosen from the wide assortment of sandwiches on offer. And with prices for a sandwich starting at only around 30 Kuna this is great value for money. The chicken tortilla sandwich, which quite frankly was too large to eat so I got a doggy-bag, was a reasonable 52 Kuna.


And whilst I took a seat and watched the steady flow of customers I noticed that many were going for healthier options, which quite frankly in a fast food restaurant was pleasantly surprising. “I’d like two salads to go and a vegetarian tortilla,” asked one customer. And all the takeaway meals had this funky and practical wrapping that made it easy to carry and also kept the meals warm.


Tutto Bene has a clear concept, and it has clearly found its place on the market. From day tripping tourists looking for a bite to eat, to hungry locals in their lunch hour and passing trade from all and sundry. “We always aim to offer great food at reasonable prices and make sure that our meals are well packed and that our customers leave with a smile,” said the friendly manager.


And the lively staff, who seemed to speak a little of every language under the sun, certainly brought a smile to my face. Really a great option for those with on a time budget.

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