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UK airline to greatly increase European connections as travel restrictions ease

Written by  Jul 21, 2021

The British airline easyJet announced on Tuesday that it will significantly increase its capacity in the summer quarter, to 60 percent of the pre-pandemic level, indicating the easing of coronavirus measures and increased demand for travel in Europe.

Between April and June, the group used only 17 percent of pre-pandemic capacity due to pandemic constraints in much of Europe, recording a pre-tax loss of £318 million, eight per cent lower than at the start of the 2020 pandemic.

Its revenue jumped to £212.9 million, from just £7.2 million in the same period last year when the entire fleet was grounded.

The decision to significantly increase capacity was prompted by optimistic estimates of travel demand in the summer and autumn months, they explained on Tuesday, adding that they were shifting the focus of flight schedules to European routes as Europe opened faster than the UK.

The company is thus planning 60 percent of flights on routes within the European Union, which has so far been on a par with Britain in its schedule.

The head of easyJet was among the loudest critics of the British attitude towards travel in the past two months, condemning the unexpected changes that he said resulted in waves of reservations and equally mass cancellations, reminds Reuters.

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