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Great food at Mea Culpa Great food at Mea Culpa

Mea Culpa Pizzeria & Trattoria – Tasted by the Editor

Written by  Jul 14, 2021

There may be many pizzerias in Dubrovnik, however there is only one Mea Culpa! I headed into the heart of the Old City to what is more of an institution than a restaurant. Almost tucked away from the main hustle and bustle is Mea Culpa, a pizzeria and trattoria that the locals know all too well but that tourists need some guidance to find. Now, it’s probably a little un fair for me to write a review about Mea Culpa, this wasn’t my first time (by far) here, but I’ll try to remain as unbiased as possible. And by the way I adore pizza!

Like I said there are a plethora of pizzerias in and around Dubrovnik, some do it well, some not so. The cobbled street runs parallel to the Stradun, although it’s considerably shorter and narrower, but with the same charm. And here is one tip right off the bat, if you visit in the early evening you’ll have the chance to get a great sunset photo, as the street and indeed Mea Culpa are one the last streets to get the sun. I just love when restaurants follow the guidelines, and the red and white checked tablecloths made me feel that I’d walked into a true trattoria.


The best pizza in town - Photo Mark Thomas 

A friendly waiter showed me to my table and realising that I was rather warm he thoughtfully asked “Would you like a drink before I bring the menu?”

Now the menu is dominated by pizzas, but there are also risottos, pasta dishes and salads, as you’d expect from a trattoria. And when I say pizzas I mean a whole cornucopia of pizzas topped with everything. It’s a real paradise for pizza lovers. Making the choice was the tough part!


Great Old City location for pizza - Photo Mark Thomas 

“What recommendations do you have?” I quizzed the waiter. Although to be honest I couldn’t have gone wrong. Now one of the keys, as you’ll know, to a good pizza is the base. And at Mea Culpa it would seem that they have a special ingredient to make the pizza bases both crunchy and soft.

Although I am a fan of Hawaii pizza (yes, they are one of the rare pizzerias that have the pineapple topped pizza) I instead decide to mix it up and plumped two pizzas to have a choice.

Colourful and inviting is how I would describe the pizzas that landed on my table. And here is tip number two – there pizzas aren’t small! Bring an appetite with you! Prices for these pizzas range from around 100 to 200 Kuna and you’ll leave completely nourished.

Mea Culpa is certainly the flagbearer for great pizza in Dubrovnik and once you’ve found it you won’t be a stranger.

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The flagbearer of fine pizza in Dubrovnik - Photo Mark Thomas


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