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The Mirror: The British will soon be able to travel to Croatia

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Apr 10, 2021

The British daily newspaper, The Mirror, which is followed by around 32 million readers a month, published an article stating that, after easing travel restrictions in the UK, Croatia will be open to British visitors, said the director of the Croatian National Tourist Board in the UK of Darija Reić.

"The British are very eager to travel and it is only a matter of time before they can do it again. The UK has one of the most successful vaccination rates, which is certainly a promising factor for restarting international travel, and timely information on the conditions of entry into Croatia, as well as continuous communication on everything Croatia does to stay safe for tourists will certainly influence the decisions of many when choosing our destinations this summer,” said Reić.

The article states that the British could soon travel to Croatia without hindrance, if they meet one of the prescribed conditions, i.e. attach proof of vaccination, negative PCR or antigen test or a certificate of recovery from COVID-19 not older than 180 days. In addition, the article states that all tourists must enter the confirmation of booked accommodation and fill in the online form before traveling. As it was emphasized in the text, these are new rules according to which tourists from non-EU countries can also visit Croatia, which are valid from 1 April.

These rules will apply after the travel restrictions in the United Kingdom are relaxed. Namely, a measure according to which international travel is banned is currently in force in the UK, but the restriction could be eased after 17 May. The author of the article additionally states that, in addition to a short tourist stay, the British can spend the whole year in Croatia, using a "visa" for digital nomads.


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