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Slovenian tourists showing cautious optimism for summer holidays in Croatia Shutterstock

Slovenian tourists showing cautious optimism for summer holidays in Croatia

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Mar 21, 2021

The director of the Croatian National Tourist Board representative office in Slovenia, Metka Bradetić, told Hina that she was satisfied with the response and talks, and that Slovenia's partners cited Croatia as a country to which Slovenes will definitely travel as soon as the conditions are met.

They aren’t worried about the main tourist season, or even the postseason, but there is uncertainty for the preseason, because they’re used to traveling at that time, especially during the holidays around May 1st.

Bradetić also pointed out that epidemiological measures in Slovenia are still quite strict, which makes it very difficult to give any forecasts, and everything actually depends on border conditions and epidemiological conditions of both states.

In Slovenia they are most concerned that a large part of the population will not be able to be vaccinated within the previously set deadlines, and certainly not before the start of the main summer tourist season.

"Owners of real estate and boats in Croatia, are also worried, and they can hardly wait for the border crossing measures to be somewhat milder than the current ones," said Bradetic.

She also states that the current booking for Croatia is weaker than at the same time in 2020, when, as she says, we were not yet aware of the scale of the pandemic, but sales, although to a lesser extent, are still taking place within travel agencies. Most Slovenian tourists, however, are individual travellers who book accommodation directly and it is impossible to know some exact figures.

On the other hand, Slovenian tour operators and agencies say they are preparing for an extremely strong last minute sale.


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