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Places You Need To Visit When In Croatia

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Dec 15, 2020

If you’re thinking about going somewhere other than the usual spots in Europe, then try to look at the gorgeous country of Croatia. This crescent-shaped place is famous for their rich history, untouched nature sanctuaries, and aesthetic architecture. With its red-plated rooftops and Roman ruins, it is like you stepped into the past when you’re out there.

The country offers a magnificent coastline, dreamy beaches, and the best seafood restaurants. You won’t have to worry about where to stay because there are a lot of luxury villas in Croatia to choose from. Get the most of your Mediterranean getaway with the following list of places to explore!

1. The Famous Dubrovnik

ancient galleon dubrovnik 2020

Delightful Dubrovnik - Image Pexels

Game of Throne fans will immediately recognize this place as the filming site of the TV-series’ iconic location, King’s Landing. While it is true that the TV show boosted Dubrovnik’s popularity, it is still quite famous even before that. Dubrovnik actually is regarded as the “pearl of the Adriatic” with its pebbled-beaches and crystalline waters that continue to attract countless tourists.

2. Town of Hvar

hvar sunset 2020

Stunning Hvar - Photo Unsplash

Located on an island near Split, Hvar is also known as the “Lavender Island”. It is named like that for their luscious lavender fields. This city offers the best hotels in the country and restaurants that serve only the freshest plates of seafood. At night, this city transforms into a whole new place with its bars and nightclubs that’s perfect for all-night partying and dancing.

3. The Capital of Croatia: Zagreb

zagreb main square 2020

Zagreb - Photo Unsplash 

Take a break from the shores and let’s jump into the heart of Croatia, Zagreb! This city is the largest in the country and is a great blend of medieval and modern atmosphere. Even though it doesn’t offer beaches, it is still a great place to explore especially for art enthusiasts with their museums, cathedrals, palaces, and a lot more.

4. Have a Glimpse of History in Pula, Croatia

pula arena blue sky 2020

Pula Arena - Photo Unsplash 

Pula is a city that has been popular as far as centuries ago dating back to the period of the Roman empire! With the star of this city, the Pula Arena, this amphitheater which ancient Romans use to watch gladiator fights can host up to 20,000 watchers. Pula also offers nice beaches and historical structures like Roman temples, chapels, and towers.

5. Hidden Gem: Rab Island

rab the hidden gem 2020

Rab Photo - Unsplash 

If you want to go incognito from the modern world, then Rab Island is the perfect place for you! It is one of the top places in Croatia to go to but isn’t really as popular as the cities mentioned above. This island has its own cake called Rapska Torta made with delicious almonds and Maraschino liqueur that’s definitely worth trying!

Nothing beats the feeling of fulfillment in discovering new cultures, history, and interacting with people when visiting a new country. Whether you plan on going out with the family, a special someone, or with just yourself, it’s always better to research something about the country you’re interested in visiting. Remember, it’s always wise to know the potential of the place first before heading out to that dream adventure.


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