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Sipan - the untouched island

Written by  Jan 02, 2016

The largest island in the Elaphite archipelago, with its quiet bays, beaches, cypress trees, groves of orange and lemon trees, full of old structures (churches, summer residences of the landowners and plebeians) dispersed throughout the forested slopes, with a long history interwoven with many stories and legends, is one of the pearls of the Dubrovnik region. Two settlements, Sudurad on the eastern and the Port of Sipan on the western part of the island receive numerous tourists in their beautiful homes. There are good regular and excursion connections to Dubrovnik.

Sipan is situated 17 km north-west from Dubrovnik. It is one of the Elaphite islands and the largest among them. Sipan was inhabited as early as the Roman Empire. In the middle ages the famous vineyards of Sipan were mentioned in many European courts. Sipan got its name from Latin word "gypana" meaning "The Island of eagles". In the 15th and 16th century many noble families from Dubrovnik built their summer residences on Sipan. Unfortunately these residences today mostly stand empty. Today on Sipan people grow olives, figs, almonds, tomatoes, citrus fruits and off course there are large vineyards with finest grapes. There are a few small villages in the inland of the island. Apart from the natural beauties of the island, Sipan Island can offers many other interesting sights. For example, in Sipan harbour there are ruins of building dating from ancient Rome. On Velji Vrh there are ruins of the St. Peter's church from 11th century, in Pakljeno there is church of St. Mihovil dating from the 11th century an there is small church of St. Ivan in Silovo selo. Between Sudurad and Sipan harbour there are ruins of summer residence of Dubrovnik's Archbishops. Sipan also has many nice beaches where one can enjoy the sun and clean blue sea. Sipan also has a great number of nudist beaches for tourists who prefer the clothes off option. 

Crown jewel of the Elaphite

It is beautiful island for spending vacations or relaxing in the beauty of the nature and walking. The island is well worth a day visit and I would recommend getting off the ferry at one end of the island and then walking through the centre of the valley and catching the boat from the other port. Most of the nature and villages have been untouched by time in the centre of the island. Sipan is connected with Dubrovnik with many boat lines, both state run ferries and privately speed boats. You can go with the boat in the morning and spend your day on the beach on Sipan, or go sightseeing the island, or you can do both and go back in Dubrovnik in the late afternoon or in the evening. For those looking to stay longer on this island paradise there are a number of hotels including the recently renovated Hotel Sipan in Sipan harbour and Hotel Božica in Sudurad. Both of these hotels are four star if you are looking for a cheaper option then the island also offers a range of private accommodation. For those arriving to the island by ship the port of Sudurad has a brand new 40m long breakwater to protect boats from the strong winds and currents.


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