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Ivana Smilović

Ivana Smilović

Ivana Smilović – a senior journalist at The Dubrovnik Times. Born and raised in Dubrovnik, Ivana (or Smile as she is known to all) graduated Media Studies from the University of Dubrovnik. A book worm, coffee addict and want-to-be world traveller Ivana brings her unique local insight, connections and general optimistic and well smiley feel to the Times.


After a long break and lots of concerts at various open locations, the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra is finally returning to the Rector's Palace where it will perform on Friday, June 26th, at 9 pm. The String Chamber Ensemble of the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra under the direction of violinist Dana Kahriman will perform, with a solo performance by cellist Vid Veljak.

On the program are Holst's St. Paul's Suite, op. 29; Haydn Concerto for Cello and Orchestra no. 2 in D major and Serenade for Strings in C major, Op. 48 by P. I. Tchaikovsky.

Vid Veljak started learning the cello from the age of three, and noticing his talent at a very early age, professor Valter Despalj invited him to his class at the Music Academy in Zagreb, where he successfully passed the entrance exam as a fourteen-year-old. He is the winner of numerous competitions, including the international competitions Antonio Janigro in Porec and Daleki akordi in Split, and in 2015 he was a finalist in the prestigious cello competition "Guilhermina Suggia" in Portugal. Veljak has performed as a soloist with the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra, the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra, the Zagreb Philharmonic, the Zagreb Soloists, the Rijeka Chamber Orchestra, the HRT Symphony Orchestra and the Cantus Ensemble. A few months ago he released a new album "Resonance(s)".

Concert tickets are 100 and 150 kuna.

The auditorium will be set up in accordance with the recommendations, but the audience is asked to keep distance in accordance with epidemiological measures, also before entering the Rector's Palace, as well as when leaving the concert.

The European Commission together with 14 EU Member States (Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Spain, Sweden) signed a Memorandum of Understanding Implementing the Valetta Political Decleration On Clean Energy for Euoropean Union Islands (Memorandum of Split), prepared by the Republic of Croatia during its presidency of the Council of the European Union.

During the process of preparing the Memorandum, various requirements were followed, that would be useful for the inhabitants of European islands, such as the one for more stable cooperation for the transition to clean energy. European islands, home to more than 15 million citizens, can lead the transition to clean energy by using new technologies and applying innovative solutions.

Given that Croatia has more than 1244 islands, many of which face various challenges, the Presidency Program places special emphasis on the potential that islands can have in the transition to clean energy.

The "Clean Energy for EU Islands" initiative was launched in 2017 during the Maltese Presidency of the Council of the European Union, when the European Commission, together with the Member States, signed a political declaration (the Valletta Declaration). The initiative aims to accelerate the transition to clean energy on European islands to help islands reduce their dependence on energy imports by making better use of the potential of renewable energy sources. In order to facilitate the process of transition to clean energy on European islands, in 2018 the European Commission established the "Clean Energy Secretariat for the EU Islands", which provides support and assistance in the preparation of projects for European islands.

This Memorandum represents an important step in promoting projects to accelerate the transition to clean energy on EU islands. This Memorandum will provide further support to islands in preparing their strategies for the transition to clean energy process, while promoting participation, engagement and empowerment of citizens. In addition, structured cooperation will facilitate the roles of energy communities on the islands.

The memorandum also recognizes the importance of implementing projects aimed at increasing the use of renewable energy sources through the use of innovative technologies, development of clean and sustainable transport, integration of the power system with other sectors such as heating, cooling, island water system, all according to demand on islands.

Special emphasis in the Memorandum is placed on cooperation between islands when it comes to sharing knowledge and best practices, because only in this way can we create a unique opportunity for future generations that will, among other things, lay the foundations of a climate-neutral Europe.
You can download the Memorandum on the right.

The areas of Medvednica and Biokovo were declared nature parks on this date in 1981. Apart from being mountainous, these two protected areas are also similar because their foothills are densely populated, the connection between the population and the mountains has been present for centuries, and in modern times these areas are extremely visited and marked by tourist activities and influences – the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy.

Medvednica Nature Park is located north of Zagreb. For the capital of Croatia, this mountain range, with the highest peak Sljeme at an altitude of 1035 meters, has exceptional value - not only from an ecological point of view (protection of soil from erosion, prevention of torrents, impact on climate, air and water quality), but also aesthetic , symbolic, recreational, health and tourist aspects. Apart from the area of the City of Zagreb, this protected area of 179 square kilometers covers part of the area of Zagreb and Krapina-Zagorje counties.

Public institution "Nature Park Medvednica" will mark the 39th birthday of the Park on Sunday, June 28th, with educational and entertainment events on the meadow next to the Tourist Apartments "Snow Queen" from 11 am to 2 pm. The SINCERE project (Encouraging Innovation in Forest Ecosystem Services), which is currently being implemented, will be presented there, and its goal is to valorize the recreational and health function of Medvednica forest ecosystem services and raise awareness of forest ecosystem services.

Mount Biokovo is part of the Dinarides mountain massif, it forms the natural hinterland of the Makarska Riviera, and the area of 193 square kilometeres, 30 kilometers long has been put in the category of nature park. Apart from its location, Biokovo is unique because of its geomorphology and biological diversity, which were the main reasons for declaring the mountain Biokovo a nature park in 1981.

The highest peak of the mountain is Sveti Jure at 1762 meters above sea level, making Biokovo the second highest mountain in Croatia. In addition to hiking trails, a 23 kilometer long road leads to the top, which is also the highest paved road in Croatia.
In the Biokovo Nature Park, visitors can hike on more than 20 hiking trails, visit the botanical garden "Kotisina", as well as numerous educational trails, Info Center Ravna Vlaska with a lookout and visit the presentation centers "Brela Gornja" and "Adrion - the heart of the mountain" in Makarska.

Public institution "Biokovo Nature Park" is currently implementing the project "New Adrion - Promoting the sustainable use of natural heritage PP Biokovo" funded by the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Program Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020. The most impressive part of the project is certainly Skywalk in the area of Ravna Vlaska - the construction of a horseshoe-shaped belvedere outside the cliff with a glass surface for walking.

In addition, the project plans to set up a geological pillar, arrange a visitor center in Zupa and arrange Rodiceva street, which will convert the existing macadam road into a pedestrian and bicycle path about 7 kilometers long.

Also, in cooperation with the association "Geopark Imotska jezera" it is planned to apply Geopark Biokovo - Imotska jezera in the UNESCO world program of geoparks. This would enable the launch of various production and service activities that contribute to the socio-economic development of the local community.

The company Krilo line informs that the high-speed line Split - Brac - Hvar - Korcula - Mljet - Dubrovnik and vice versa starts sailing again.

Daily sailing in the 2020 season starts on Monday, June 29th.

The catamaran departs from Split at 7:40 am in the morning and arrives to the pier Petka in the port of Gruz at 12:15.

The catamaran will depart daily from Dubrovnik during June, July and August at 4:30 pm, and in the period from Semptember 1st to October 25th daily at 4 pm.

Ticket sales for this line will be organized in Dubrovnik Travel Corner - Avansa Travel d.o.o. in Gruz, Obala Stjepana Radica 40, right across the place where the ship comes.

-We believe that the re-establishment of this extremely popular line will improve the connection of Dubrovnik with other tourist centers on the coast and thus contribute to this tourist season - the company stated.

The city of Dubrovnik has installed free internet in the historic city center, on Pile and Lazareti, using 15 thousand euros of non-refundable EU funds. As part of the initiative "WiFi4EU - promoting Internet connectivity in local communities", Dubrovnik is one of one hundred cities in the Republic of Croatia that has got this support through a tender.

The WiFi4EU voucher covers the cost of equipment and installation of Wi-Fi access points. With this co-financing, the City of Dubrovnik has built a total of ten access points for free wireless internet network in public areas, and locations have been selected where both citizens and guests will benefit.

The goal of the WiFi4EU initiative is to provide high-quality free internet access for citizens and visitors through Wi-Fi access points. The total budget was 51 million euros, and applications were received from all countries participating in the program from EU Member States, Iceland and Norway, and 3,400 municipalities received vouchers worth 15 thousand euros each for costs of installation.

According to the first results of the eVisitor system, 185,389 arrivals and 842,659 overnight stays were realized in Croatia during the extended weekend, in the period from Friday 19th to Sunday, 22nd of June. There were about 210 thousand tourists in Croatia daily.

-We have entered the main part of the tourist year, Croatia is among the few Mediterranean countries in which tourist traffic is currently being realized and we should be proud of that fact. The defense system against the coronavirus throughout the country is set at a high level. We respect the efforts and recommendations of the competent professional services. Conditions have been provided for a safe tourist summer, day by day we will record an increasing influx of guests, and it is up to all of us, citizens and tourists to act responsibly and adhere to all prescribed epidemiological measures - said Croatian National Tourist Board Director Kristjan Stanicic, adding that promotional activities aimed at the domestic market will start in a few days.

Out of the total number of overnight stays, domestic tourists realized 23 percent, and foreign tourists 77 percent. The greatest number of overnight stays was made by tourists from Germany (202 thousand overnight stays, 24 percent share in total overnight stays), Slovenia (168 thousand overnight stays, 20 percent share), Austria (79 thousand overnight stays, nine percent share) and the Czech Republic (63 thousand overnight stays, seven percent share).

In terms of counties, the highest number of overnight stays was recorded in the County of Istria (258 thousand, 31 percent), followed by the County of Primorje-Gorski Kotar (200 thousand overnight stays, 24 percent) and the County of Zadar (144 thousand overnight stays, 17 percent). In terms of destinations, most of the overnight stays were made in Rovinj (44 thousand overnight stays), Vir (35 thousand overnight stays), Medulin (27 thousand overnight stays), Mali Losinj (26 thousand overnight stays) and Porec (25 thousand overnight stays).

During the extended weekend, most overnight stays were realized in household facilities (31 percent of overnight stays, 263 thousand overnight stays), camps (26 percent, 218 thousand overnight stays) and hotels (13 percent, 112 thousand overnight stays).

Austrian flag carrier Austrian Airlines, a member of Star Alliance, has resumed flight operations to Dubrovnik on Sunday, June 21st – Avioradar reports.

The first flight was operated with Airbus A319. Following flights are announced with a smaller Embraer ERJ-195. At the begining this route will be operated twice a week, on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Next Saturday, on June 27th, Austrian Airlines will resume flight operations to Split. Airbus A319 is also announced for the first flight, and the smaller Embraer ERJ-195 for the following flights. At the begining this route will also be operated twice weekly, on Tuesdays and Saturdays – Avioradar writes.

The first arrival to Zagreb is announced on Monday, June 29th. At the begining this route is announced with 5 weekly flights, every day except Friday and Saturday. All flights to Zagreb are announced with Bombardier Q400.

In the past week in the area of Police Administration of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County there were eight traffic accidents, in which one person got heavily injured, two persons got light injuries, while there were five traffic accidents with material damage.

By carrying out traffic control measures, police officers have taken 897 repressive measures against the perpetrators of traffic offenses, out of which 497 measures taken due to speeding, 43 measures due to improper overtaking, 37 measures for improper stop and parking, 110 measures because of non-use of the seat belt, 30 measures against drivers who were driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol and 52 measures because of using mobile phone while driving.

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