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Ivana Smilović

Ivana Smilović

Ivana Smilović – a senior journalist at The Dubrovnik Times. Born and raised in Dubrovnik, Ivana (or Smile as she is known to all) graduated Media Studies from the University of Dubrovnik. A book worm, coffee addict and want-to-be world traveller Ivana brings her unique local insight, connections and general optimistic and well smiley feel to the Times.


A smaller cruise ship "Le Champlain", owned by the shipping company Ponant, with a capacity of 174 passengers, came to the port of Dubrovnik. The ship will cruise through the Croatian part of the Adriatic, and passengers will come to our city via Dubrovnik Airport and will board the ship. The director of the Dubrovnik Port Authority, Blaz Pezo, previously told Dubrovacki vjesnik that forty passengers were coming.

"Le Champlain" is named after the famous French explorer and navigator Samuel de Champalin, who crossed the Atlantic thirty times at the turn of the 16th to 17th centurie, founded the city of Quebec and the colony of New France on the North American coast. He is also remembered as a talented cartographer who mapped the Great Lakes and the west coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

- Due to the fact that unloading and boarding will happen in Dubrovnik, we automatically become a homeport. The ship will sail to several ports in Croatia, among others: Mljet, Vis, Korcula, Komiza… They will make a small cruise along our coast. Every Friday, one group of passengers will go and another will board, and there are 37 passengers on the second cruise. This will take place for 9 weeks, that is, until the last Friday in September. All services met, Customs, Captaincy, police, Port Authority, Port, agents, agencies - we went through everything so that we would not leave anything to chance. We checked who asked for what, we went through it all, we had two preparatory meetings so I think their arrival of the guests will go without any major problems, Pezo previously pointed out for Dubrovacki vjesnik.

Also, the Dubrovnik Port Authority monitors and respects all measures of the Croatian Institute of Public Health and coordinates everything with the on-duty services.

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One of the most faithful Dubrovnik guests is certainly Roman Abramovich!

The Russian billionaire has found a safe haven from his business obligations in our region, so his yacht Eclipse has been anchored in our waters for quite some time.

But Abramovich doesn’t spend his vacation only on the yacht – he's been spotted by Dubrovacki vjesnik last night boarding a smaller boat in the Old City Port, probably on his way to his luxurious floating beauty after spending some time in the city. 

Stjepan Hauser, who is well known to wide public from his day in 2Cellos and now through his solo career as a cellist, continued the 'Alone, Together' series with a special performance from Dubrovnik.

Hauser's dramatic performance of his favourite movie soundtracks in this iconic city was aired last night and has already been watched by over 100 thousand of people and has over two thousand comments just on Youtube, and on his social media the comments just keep on coming, all praising the talent of this musician, as well as beautiful scenery.

Take a half an hour, sit back and enjoy this beautiful concert below.

The Mayor of the City of Dubrovnik, Mato Frankovic, sent a letter to the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, after news broke in the British media that this country could introduce a fourteen-day quarantine obligation for all tourists returning from Croatia. According to media announcements, Croatia, along with Belgium and Luxembourg, could join Spain, for which a two-week quarantine measure was imposed last weekend.

In his address to the British Prime Minister, Mayor Franković emphasized that visitors from Great Britain are traditionally the most numerous guests in Dubrovnik and that the relationship that has been developed for decades is based on friendship.

- I know that you are well acquainted with this part of Croatia and that is one of the reasons why I am addressing you personally. The total number of positive COVID-19 cases from the area of the City of Dubrovnik is three, and currently over eight thousand tourists are resting in our city and we are making maximum efforts at all levels to maintain a favorable epidemiological picture and provide all our guests with a pleasant and safe stay – the Mayor wrote, among other things.

-Taking into account all the above and respecting the fact that Dubrovnik tourism depends on the market of the United Kingdom, please when making decisions, look at Croatia by its regions, and not just as a whole. Dubrovnik is one of the safest European destinations for travel with detailed protocols in all situations, even in dealing with the number of infected people starting to grow - concluded the Mayor.

The Mayor also sent a letter to Prime Minister Johnson to the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and to the Embassy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in the Republic of Croatia.

ABC, well-known American TV company, sent their London corresponent Maggie Rulli to Dubrovnik for a week to make a series of reports on American tourists in Croatia. Rulli went live at ABC News, bringing information from Dubrovnik. 

As the presenter pointed out, Croatia receives American tourists despite EU restrictions, although all passengers must meet certain criteria.

Rulli described the situation and even talked to American married couple that arrived on vacation in Dubrovnik. She pointed out that this is absolutely once in a lifetime opportunity to visit Dubrovnik without the crowds.

You can see more in the video below.

At the beginning of the new month, Split Airport will have 13 weekly direct flights to Munich Airport, and Lufthansa and Croatia Airlines will continue to operate on the routes – Croatian Aviation reports.

Direct flights from Split from August 1st are available every day of the week, mostly in the morning, which allows passengers from Split numerous connections via this German airport.

Croatia Airlines planes depart from Split in the morning, at 7.55 am minutes, arriving in Munich at 9.30. Also, the company offers a second flight a day every Saturday, in the evening, departing from Split at 5 pm, and arriving in Munich at 6.30 pm.

In addition to Croatia Airlines, German Lufthansa will continue to operate on the route through August, 5 times a week (every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday – Croatian Aviation writes.

These airlines offer two flights a day every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday, one flight a day on Mondays and Wednesdays, and even three daily flights every Saturday in August!


Four new respirators with monitors for monitoring vital functions were presented to the public at the Dubrovnik General Hospital. They were purchased for the needs of the Department of Anesthesiology, Resuscitation and Intensive Care thanks to a donation from the City of Dubrovnik, as part of the City and Hospital's activities to combat the coronavirus pandemic. 

The value of the purchase is 967,500 kuna including VAT, and the contracted supplier of modern devices is the company Drager Medical Croatia.

Introducing the devices, the director of the Dubrovnik General Hospital Marijo Bekic thanked the City of Dubrovnik and Mayor Mato Frankovic, emphasizing that with this acquisition the General Hospital currently has 15 basic respirators, which fully meets the needs of the Hospital, but also further strengthens Dubrovnik as a safe destination in terms of tourism.

-With these 15 devices, we are fully ready to provide support to the tourism sector. In case of emergency, we have six more transport devices at our disposal, as well as a dozen anesthesia devices that can also be converted into respirators - said director Bekic.

Mayor Mato Frankovic said that the City is systematically and continuously investing in the Dubrovnik General Hospital and that it will continue with this practice in the future.

-We have to invest in the hospital, but also in the staff - medical and non-medical staff. It has just been shown how important the health care system is for citizens, but also for a tourist destination, because visitors today, among other factors, expect health security, and Dubrovnik can provide it - Frankovic said.

As part of the music program of the 71st Dubrovnik Summer Festival, a concert dedicated to Beethoven will be held by the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra with pianist Marijan Duzel, conducted by Italian-Turkish conductor Nil Venditti, on Thursday, July 30th at 9.30 pm in the Gradac Park.

The festival performance of the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra brings a program dedicated to the 250th anniversary of the birth of Ludwig van Beethoven, although it will be opened by the overture to Rossini's opera Il turco in Italia. During the performance of the Beethoven's Fifth Concerto in E flat major, better known as the Imperial Concerto, the orchestra will be joined by award-winning Croatian pianist Marijan Duzel, who perfected his piano skills at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels with Alexander Magyar. The second part of the musical evening in Gradac Park brings a performance of Beethoven's First Symphony.

The Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra is an important part of the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Dubrovnik and Croatia and is unavoidable part of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival program, where it regularly performs with top foreign and domestic soloists and conductors, mostly in the Rector's Palace atrium. Due to epidemiological measures, the stage of their festival performance this year is Gradac Park, under the direction of Italian-Turkish conductor Nil Venditti, who was recently appointed chief guest conductor of the Tuscan Orchestra. This and the following season, she has been hired as an assistant conductor of the Dutch Philharmonic Orchestra, with which she has already made her debut at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. The conductor also recently made her first performance with the Pau Orchestra, conducting a performance of Schumann's Cello Concerto and Beethoven's Seventh Symphony. The director of the orchestra, Frédéric Morando, said at the time that Beethoven's music was her specialty and that he considered her an exceptional artist with an incredible career ahead of her.

Tickets for the concert are available through the festival website or the service and at the box office in the Festival Palace (Od Sigurate 1).

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