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Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas - The editor and big chief of The Dubrovnik Times. Born in the UK he has been living and working in Dubrovnik since 1998, yes he is one of the rare “old hands.” A unique insight into both British and Croatian life and culture, Mark is often known as just “Englez” or Englishman. He is a traveller, a current affairs freak and a huge AFC Wimbledon fan.


According to a new survey from the European Union Croatians are some of the most sociable citizens in Europe. A third of Croatians socialize and hang out with their family and relatives every day, whilst in Denmark this figure is only 3 percent.

Croatians have long had a reputation of being friendly and outgoing and it seems that this latest survey has confirmed this.

Eurostat, the statistical information institutions of the European Union, has released these latest figures showing that 30 percent of Croatians hand out with their relatives every day. The EU average is only 16.7 percent, whilst the highest ranking country, the most sociable country is Cyprus with 45 percent. At the other end of the list is Denmark with only 3 percent of citizens spending time together every day, Sweden with 6 percent and Austria with 7 percent.

Renata Langmannová, the former holder of the title “Miss Czech Republic”, has been loving life and the Adriatic Sea in Dubrovnik.

Langmannová (28), who since 2015 has been married to the famous MMA promotor in the Czech Republic and Poland, Ondrej Novotný, has been raving about the city on her Instagram profile. And as she is followed by almost 55,000 people it has turned out to be great promotion for Dubrovnik.

In 2006 she won the Miss Czech title and became one of the most popular Czech models. She currently works as a model for such high-end brands as Guess, Triumph and Lormar.

miss czech 3

miss czech 2

Croatia’s most successful free diver, Goran Čolak, has spent this summer in Cavtat where he has been preparing for the upcoming tournaments this year, which start in Ibiza this autumn.

In addition to daily training sessions in Cavtat, he took the time to visit Dubrovnik and Trogir, where he made a series of underwater photographs with the statue of sculptor Valentino Valenta. The underwater cross in the sea near Trogir has long been a tourist attraction, and Goran did not miss the chance to get a snap with the famous statue.

colak 2

As Goran says, "The limits are where you put them in your head", which proves every new competition that goes with winning medals and scoring records. In addition to the Guinness World Record, which he has twice broke, Goran has beaten the Croatian record more than 30 times, and regularly returns home with winner medals from world and European championships.

colak cavtat

Goran in Cavtat

US Senator John McCain, former Vietnam prisoner of war, the straight talking Republican who was the presidential candidate of his party in 2008, a prominent critic of the current US president passed away on Saturday the 25th of August at the age of 81 after losing his fight against brain cancer.

Senator John McCain was no stranger to Croatia, in April 2017 in Opatija he first met with President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic and then just last year he came to Dubrovnik where he met with Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic.

During his visit to Dubrovnik he said for Nova TV that "I came to meet with the Prime Minister and I am very grateful that we can work together especially in Afghanistan, our armies are connected, and this is a good excuse to visit one of the most beautiful places in the world."

Croatian Prime Minster, Andrej Plenkovic, will meet with German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, during an official visit to Berlin on Monday and Tuesday.

Plenkovic will also meet German Federal Minister for Economic Affairs during the two-day trip. According to a statement from the Prime Minister’s office he will also met with the Croatian community in Berlin as well as giving a lecture entitled “Croatia and the future of the EU,” on Tuesday.

There is an economic theme to the visit, Plenkovic will meet with the Association of the German Chamber of Commerce, and the Croatian State Secretary in the Ministry of Economy will also attend the meetings.

Even after the euphoria of the 2018 World Cup has died down slightly the Croatian President is still enjoying a majority of support from citizens.

Nova TV revealed who the most popular politicians in the country were at the present time and Kolinda Grabar- Kitarovic was out in front with 55 percent of voters backing her work. On the other hand 38 percent do not support her work.

The second most popular politician in Croatia was not from any of the major political parties, Ivan Sinčić, who has been a member of parliament since 2015 and is the chairman of the party “Human Blockade.” In the Nova TV survey he left a positive impression on 45 percent of voters.

The Prime Minster, Andrej Plenkovic, from the ruling HDZ party didn’t do so well in the survey with only 38 percent of voters satisfied with his work so far. Although he did do considerably better than the leader of SDP, Davor Bernardic, who only got a 25 percent positive rating.

When judged on a party by party demographic then again the most popular politician in HDZ was Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic with a massive 93 percent of supporters, followed by Andrej Plenkovic with 85 percent and Milan Bandic with a 61 percent.

This is life in the lap of luxury, the Adriatic Sea a stone’s throw away, your own private pool, six bedrooms, wine cellar and even a spa all spread out over three floors. Villa Eden Dubrovnik is an absolute gem but you’ll need very deep pockets to stay in this slice of heaven, at $7,000 a night this is quite possibly the most expensive property on Airbnb in Dubrovnik.


“The experience of staying in Villa Eden Dubrovnik is a rare indulgence, as evidenced by the feeling of relaxation in your own piece of heaven on Earth, with a grand panoramic view of Dubrovnik,” states the villa on their Airbnb site and they are right. The Villa Eden can sleep up to 12 guests, so if you all split the bill 12 ways a week stay would only be just over $4,000 per person.

You’ll never have a queue for the bathroom in the morning as this elegant Dubrovnik villa has six of them. And with panoramic views over the Adriatic Sea and the island of Lokrum you’ll never need to turn on one of the many TVs.


If it rains then you can browse through the library, explore the extensive wine cellar, work out in the gym or even tinkle the ivories of the piano. That’s what you get for $7,000 a night.



The British who fell from 23 metres from a cruise ship in the Adriatic Sea and was rescued after a painstaking search by the Croatian emergency services didn’t actually fall according to new information.

Kay Longstaff (46) was cruising the Mediterranean with her partner when she allegedly fell from the seventh deck of the Norwegian Star at around midnight on the 18th of August. But new evidence from the investigation team show a completely different story, writes The Daily Mail. At the time Longstaff told the Croatian media that it had been an accident and that she had fallen from the cruise ship, she even commented that her knowledge of yoga had kept her alive. For nearly ten hours she bobbed helplessly in the Adriatic Sea before members of the Coast Guard ship “RH Cavtat” located her and fished her out of the sea.

But the investigation also concluded that Longstaff and her partner had been drinking all day and that his departure to the cabin was preceded by a quarrel. Two independent investigations - Croatian and Italian - have shown that the 46-year-old has deliberately and voluntarily jumped into the sea and was "very decisive".




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