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Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas - The editor and big chief of The Dubrovnik Times. Born in the UK he has been living and working in Dubrovnik since 1998, yes he is one of the rare “old hands.” A unique insight into both British and Croatian life and culture, Mark is often known as just “Englez” or Englishman. He is a traveller, a current affairs freak and a huge AFC Wimbledon fan.


If you are travelling north from Dubrovnik be prepared for some traffic delays. Temporary traffic lights are in place in the village of Orasac because a new petrol station is being constructed on the main road.

These construction works will continue until the 30th of January and delays are possible especially during peak hours.

This region of Dubrovnik is in fact in desperate need of a petrol station, the nearest one at the moment is either in Zaton Doli (33 Kilometres) or in Komolac near Dubrovnik (17 Kilometres).

petrol new orasac


International Consolidated Airlines Group (IAG), which include Iberia, British Airways and Aer Lingus, plan to increase their operations to several cities across Croatia this summer season – EX-YU Aviation News reports.

Iberia will head the growth, by maintaining up to eight weekly flights from Madrid to Zagreb, which is an increase from five flights a week last year. Four flights will be added to Dubrovnik, while Split will also benefit with daily services to be maintained from Madrid this year, up from three per week in 2017. The resumption of its flights to both Dubrovnik and Split will also be brought forward. In a statement to EX-YU Aviation News, the airline said its capacity to Croatia will grow by over 30 percent inn 2018 for a second year in a row, noting that demand is being driven by leisure travellers wishing to visit the Adriatic coast.

British Airways will also increase its number of flights to Croatia this year after adding Pula as its fourth destination in 2017. The British carrier will operate twelve flights a week between London Gatwick and Dubrovnik this summer, which is an increase from nine last year. They will also strengthen its services from Heathrow to Split by introducing an extra flight a week, which will make it a total of five. The number of flights from London to Pula will stay at two per week. EX-YU Aviation News states that carrier is also considering adding flights between Heathrow and Zagreb to make up for Croatia Airlines' service reduction on the route. British Airways' leisure unit, British Airways Holidays, has listed Croatia in its top eighteen must-see destinations this summer. In a statement to EX-YU Aviation News, the airline said, "We are pleased with the performance of our routes from Croatia to London, which has resulted in additional flights and capacity this year. Our customers on these routes range from passengers travelling point-to-point to those taking advantage of our extensive international network which serves 199 destinations".

Aer Lingus, the Irish carrier, will also boost its number of flights to three destinations in Croatia. They will add an extra flight from Dublin to Dubrovnik, so it will operate daily, while services to both Split and Pula will also be increased by one additional flight for a total of three and four per week "We are delighted to announce the further strengthening of our network to Croatia with these additional flights. The extra frequencies to Dubrovnik, Split and Pula will allow us to continue offering the choice, service and value that delivered our Skytrax four-star accreditation and we look forward to welcoming guests on board these services to Croatia in 2018", the airline said to EX-YU Aviation News. Asked whether it could add Zagreb to its network in the foreseeable future, the Irish carrier noted, "Flights could be introduced if we determine that this route matches our customers’ needs, is economically viable and makes a positive financial contribution to our business as a whole".

The Dubrovnik Times has teamed up with Break Time to celebrate their appearance at the London Boat Show this year. This popular Croatian brand, with stores in Dubrovnik and Split, made their UK debut with a range of handmade nautical style bracelets.

wanderlust bracelet break time

And we are offering you the chance to win one of these unique bracelets with our Facebook competition! And to make it even more special the bracelet will be engraved (you choose what you want) and delivered to your door by our friends at Break Time.

Follow this link to enter (you’ll find all the rules here) and win with Break Time today.

As Dubrovnik is the setting for King’s Landing in Game of Thrones it seems only fair that we mark the fact that today is Appreciate a Dragon Day.

According to Donita K. Paul, the creator of this special day which he started back in 2004, you are encouraged to learn and explore the cultural and historic significance of dragons.

But we thought we would just have a little bit of fun! To all you dragons out there have a great day.

dragons in dubrovnik 2018


CNN Travel has published an article few days ago where it brings 14 hot new global restaurants for 2018. Since it's a sort of global gourment guide for 2018, it's a great honour to be on the list. 

-Here are 14 additions to the culinary must-try list for those keen to get in first at the hottest tables around the world – writes CNN.

And suprisingly or not – Dubrovnik found its place on this list too. Sensus, restaurant of the Hotel Excelsior was placed 9th.
-With one of the finest views of the beautiful walled old town of Dubrovnik and the Adriatic Sea, Sensus at the Excelsior Hotel already had much in its favor even before the plates from chef Petar Obad were added into the mix. His interpretations of Mediterranean classics and local Croatian delicacies brings in diners as much as the Instagram-worthy backdrop – it's written in the article.

Author was especially delighted with a signature dish of ravioli with sweetbreads, truffle, prosciutto and a sauce made from Malvasija wine, which according to CNN demonstrates the chef's melding of flavors, ingredients and textures.

-Herbs from the kitchen's garden and local sun-ripened produce are crafted into lamb with rosemary, artichokes and onion marmalade, while "grandma's flan" is Obad's dessert homage to a beloved family recipe-writes CNN Travel.

Sounds tempting, right? You can check the whole list here.



Spain will replace the United States as the second most popular tourist destination in the world this year, while France retains first place, according to UN World Tourism Organization's (UNWTO) data.

The organization's report shows that the total number of international tourist arrivals rose last year by 7 percent to 1.3 billion. This strong momentum is expected to continue in 2018, with a growth rate of 4 to 5 percent.

Europe is “in” for 2018 with all the Mediterranean destinations, including Croatia, looking forward to a successful year. Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said that the country recorded a record of more than 82 million visitors in 2017, an increase of 8 percent compared to previous year. In the preliminary analysis of tourist data for 2017, UNWTO said: "Guided by Mediterranean destinations, Europe is remarkably impressive for such a large and quite mature region." Last year, Europe saw an increase of 8 percent in international arrivals.

The Croatian National Tourist Boars have announced that this year there will be a 25 percent increase in international flights to the country and as well as strong connections expected in the post season.



If you don’t like steps don’t come to Dubrovnik! Anyone who has ever been to the historic Old City will know that every side street offers a multitude of steps. If you are looking for a free workout, then Dubrovnik is the place for you.

But just how many steps are there inside the ancient walled city. Quite a few years ago a young team of international students actually counted them, yes not the kind of job that is appealing to everyone. They worked out, over a series of days, that there are 4,343 stone steps in the Old City of Dubrovnik. We will have to take their word for it because we aren’t fit enough to check it. Not only did they count the steps in the core of the city but also on the Dubrovnik City Walls, which has a further 1,080 steps. That makes a grand, and it is grand, total of 5,423 steps in Dubrovnik.

So if you are planning to stay inside the Old City this summer be prepared for a daily fitness regime. There’s no need to visit the gym. A walk around the city walls and a few strolls back and forth to your apartment will give you a free “bum and thigh” work our every day.

steps old city dubrovnik 2018

Dubrovnik - a city of stone steps 


Dubrovnik is beautiful, everybody knows that, but there is a sort of the hidden gem just around 15 minutes drive away from it – Cavtat!

This little town is part of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County and is the centre of the Konavle municipality. Those who visit Cavtat mostly agree that there is a certain charm in this city. It's calm, small and beautiful and it has absolutely breathtaking sunsets.

This video made by Dario Skuric shows just some of the perfect sunsets in Cavtat (and a bit of Dubrovnik, too). Take a look and fall in love!


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