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Shawn Thomas in Dubrovnik Shawn Thomas in Dubrovnik Ivana Smilovic

VIDEO Getting to know Dubrovnik while mixing a cocktail

Written by  Aug 16, 2016

Shawn Thomas is the host of the show 'Local flight'  that recently published an episode on Dubrovnik. It was published on Tastemade, a global community for food and travel lovers. In this show, the host travels around the world meeting mixologists and challenging them to create amazing cocktails using unique local ingredients.

In Dubrovnik, Shawn Thomas, joined by Marjan Lipanovic, a bartender in Culture Club Revelin, brings together a cocktail reminiscent of the sea that begins with a locally sourced oyster and includes an orange, sun-dried figs from a nearby market and salt from a 4,000-year-old salt mine. An interesting way to get to know Dubrovnik and its surroundings!

Funny enough, The Dubrovnik Times team was present during the filming in the Old City. We noticed the host and cameraman, but didn't have enough curiosity to ask what was happening (yes, that happens to journalists too). Just in case, we took some photos and finally now we know what is the story behind them! It took only two months... Better late than never!

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