Sunday, 25 October 2020

Mixed bag of weather this week in Dubrovnik – don’t forget your umbrella

By  Sep 22, 2020

Thunder and lightning crashed down over Dubrovnik late last night waking the whole city, and the first rains for weeks finally fell. The first day of autumn, September 22, has seen the stable weather change and Dubrovnik will have a week of showers, sunshine and the occasional storm. Today, the weather forecasters predict will be a “four seasons in one day” day with highs to reach 24 degrees. Tonight could well see a repeat of last night with storms expected to hit Dubrovnik at around 8:00pm.

The worst of the weather should hit early on Wednesday morning, at around 2:00am, and on for the rest of the day on Wednesday the unstable weather will continue with highs to top out at 24 degrees.

A similar weather pattern looks likely to continue on Thursday and Friday, with overnight storms and rain predicted. And the weekend isn’t looking particularly rosy either with temperatures to drop considerably on Sunday, with highs of only 17 degrees forecast.

The long-range forecast shows that by Tuesday of next week the sunshine will once again appear and from the middle of next week we should be in for rising temperatures and sunshine again, with highs around 27 degrees. But for the rest of this week don’t forget to take an umbrella with you.


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